Kite marketwatch items limit increased to 100 from 50

How soon it comes would be very convinient for me , dont know how difficult to create this for individuals account level based on last transaction , let see

Dear Zerodha Team ,

Thank you for extending the watchlist limit to 100 symbols – it’s a great update!

While the ability to add 100 scripts in a single watchlist is fantastic, the process of adding them individually can be quite time-consuming.

Therefore, I would like to propose the implementation of a feature that enables users to add multiple scripts at once. Maybe we could upload them from Excel or CSV files, or type in names separated by commas (similar to the functionality available in TradingView).

This would save a lot of time and make things more convenient for users like me.

Thanks for considering my suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you show sticky tickers while placing or modify orders ? it will help to track INDEX while placing FNO orders.

go to setting and turn it on.

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Thanks, deleted.

A notice in the app would have been helpful. I also searched the support article and it didn’t mention anything about a toggle in the settings

Hi Shubh/ Zerodha,
I have been encountering a clich while using the marketdepth on kite.
When the market depth of a particular stock is opened on one watchlist and then when i switch to an other watchlist having the same stock, the market depth of that stock continues to remain open, this was not the case earlier.

i have been facing this issue from Febraury 19th and hve brought this to the notice of your support team on February 22, 2024.
The ticket number is #20240222260465. This isuue has not been resolved yet and have been just going to and fro without any fix.

kindly put this across to your technical team and have this fixed.

Hi, We are currently looking into this matter. We anticipate providing an update within this week. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

There may be room for improvement in the way this ticket was managed. I will conduct a thorough review of the situation and, if appropriate, provide constructive feedback to improve our service. Our support team remains committed to delivering the highest level of service.

if you click the “view breakdown” from the holding page, you can see the PNL based on each trade.

We’re going to make it easier to add the contributors to the top indices used most often. For example, if users need to refer to the Nifty 50 stocks, they can simply choose the Nifty 50 watchlist. I believe that should cover most cases.


Thanks @Arockiya_Raja for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

As a swing trader, I spend a lot of time sorting through stock scanners and filters daily to create my watchlist. It can be quite tedious to manually add each of the filtered stocks one by one. It would be incredibly helpful if there were an option to import scripts all at once from an Excel sheet, or to type multiple names separated by commas and have them added to the watchlist with a single click (similar to the functionality available in TradingView).


May be console shows , but i have to click every stock manually for breakdown , the same im doing now but with my own excel journal , just imagine if heatmap shows top gainers based on last buy for all my stocks live , i can easily exit in those stocks at single glance .

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It looks like you have a specific need. We’ve taken note of your suggestion.


We’ve already discussed this internally, and it might not be feasible to implement with the revamp we have planned for the near future. However, we will review this later.

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We need to look at technical and fundamental data in order to make buy/sell decisions.

I understand that clicking on each stock would give those details or we can see our portfolio on tijori finance too,

But it would be useful if there was a “column setup” feature inside zerodha holdings. Where was can see parameters like RSI, relative volume , PE ratio , etc.

Also, would be cool if there’s an option to view our past holdings ( the ones we have exited ) in holdings page , along with buy, sell price and LTP . ( just so we can track it and realize whether our past sell decisions were right or wrong )

Although I think the difficulty UI designers face is finding the balance between simplicity and providing additional features .

Now, zerodha has a vast user base. So the target audience has all types of people , some who enjoy complexities , while others who want a basic easy interface.

I guess providing an option to unlock advanced mode for experienced zerodha users would be a great move.

And another much needed feature would be GTT based on RSI. Since a price based GTT would get triggered prematurely. Let’s say, someone wants to sell a stock AFTER a breakout and not during the breakout. So some kind of timed GTT that doesn’t execute instantly but after a short delay.

OFS buybacks option shud be added in kite app. Currently it is only available on console

yes, these features will be added to the kite.

Apart from scrip limit, what are other changes you are going to bring? @ShubhS9

would be very useful , to track and re-enter

Let more watchlists be implemented first pls

When will this rollout? I still dnt see limit increased to 100 in my app