Kite marketwatch items limit increased to 100 from 50

It is increased , but just the limit shows as 50 but one can add 100.

Hello sir,
Can you consider to add a filter in portfolio section. Like stocks purchased for long term, SIP stocks etc. You have similar feature of adding tags to the stocks which can be sorted in console only. If same is implemented in portfolio section also it would be great.

Like if a stock is purchased for long term view, then using filter we can see that stock price once in while, which will help us to hold stocks for longer timeframe. Regularly seeing stocks with 50% to 60% return kind of create tendency to sell stocks. @ShubhS9 @Arockiya_Raja

Hi Sibu,

That’s on our to-do list.

Please increase no of watch lists. 7 is too less, atleast 10 or may be 15

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We’re working on it :grinning:

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People use multiple demat and brocker account because they want seperate portfolios. Why not Zerodha offer a feature to create multiple portfolios from the stocks that they are holding? Each portfolio should show the performance seperately.

Further there should be another hierarchy called as basket within each portfolio and there should be a possibility to name that basket and collectively track the performance of the basket within a portfolio.

For example , I divide my holding in 2 portfolios called as long term and
short term.

Now withing long term, I want a basket called as ‘Smallcap risky ITs’, ‘Green Energy’ and so on…

These basket should show the collective performance of my each basket
On broader level, I should be able to see % gain/loss, amount invested in each basket as well as each portfolio (long term/short term)
Please make this reach the development team and act on this. Much needed feature.