Kite two factor login

Is kite TOTP/device lock applicable for PC kite application also?

I use Zerodha kite on PC.


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No, device lock isn’t applicable for Kite web.

Since the PIN is going away from Monday, September 26, 2022 onwards, you will have to use App Code which is available in Kite app to login to Kite web. You can learn more about App Code here: What is an App Code and why is it displayed on Kite app?

If you have enabled external TOTP for your account, nothing changes.


What happens if app is not installed?

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Thanks. Now clear to me.

Had a similar doubt. It appears you need to install some sort of app to login, either on mobile or PC.

Bitwarden was suggested if trading only from PC, but on their site, it says you need to pay a small fee to access their Authenticator feature…

If I’m not wrong, I think you also handle multiple accounts…


check authy it is also available for multiple devices and seems free…

also you can use single totp app to login and generate codes for multiple accounts…

Yeahhh. And I can’t keep calling them for app code all the time. :joy:
Gotta find a solution for this now.

Right now I use google Authenticator for one of my accounts. Can I add multiple accounts over here ??

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you can add multiple accounts to google auth.
Also, you can export codes to other devices if required. They will all show the same totp.

Ah then problem solved.
Just had one doubt. Now if a person doesn’t login till Monday and has not installed app, how will he login ?

Enough time tomorrow to make sure I enable TOTP in all the accounts.

TOTP activation can be done at any time.

To do this he has to login to kite web na. And to login you need APP code or totp. Sorry. I might sound dumb

Currently, just need to login to web normally.
Enter password, then pin.
Goto profile > Password & security, then enable TOTP from there.

I am not sure what happens to a/c without TOTP. maybe they’ll send OTP via sms/email or allow one time login and force mandatory TOTP activation.

I got that. I was saying if somebody doesn’t do it till Monday, then what happens.

i was replying. wrote same thing above.
Some other Brokers who dont have TOTP yet are sending otp via sms/email/whatsapp

Ah. You edited and now I look even more dumb. Hahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Anyways. Thank you :pray:

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@ShubhS9 if for some reason my authenticator app is not available due to broken or stolen mobile phone, how do I login?
Is there any backup code like that in other websites like Google, insta etc incase authenticator app is deleted accidentally or through theft etc?

I use Microsoft Authenticator for TOTP and now Zerodha has App code.

can I use both?

You will have to install the Kite app to get the App Code and login to Kite web. Alternatively, you can also request a SMS OTP on the registered mobile number.

Also, if you enable TOTP then App Code is not required.

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