Kite two factor login

In such scenario, you can reset the 2FA as explained here: What to do if the access to the Time-based OTP (TOTP) Authenticator app is lost?


You can only use either of this, not both. If TOTP is enabled, you can login using it just like you do now. If TOTP is not enabled, App Code will be needed.


Now, how can more than one person login to the same zerodha account using TOTP

You mean login at the same time? - i dont know if thats possible on 2 web clients simultaneously as the 1st one will get auto logged out.

If you meant login for 2 different devices at different times - then you can transfer the Google Authenticator account to their phone’s app wherein the same TOTP is displayed on both of your phones

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What I meant is this. Let’s say person ‘A’ account is managed by person ‘B’. With a fixed PIN today both A & B can login to the zerodha account at different times. Now with TOTP app how can both A and B login without contacting each other ? They will not want to login at the same time.

Use Google authenticator on both A and B and transfer the TOTP account

Thanks for your reply. I found a Similar question and answer below with details explanations.

For Web based Kite you need 1) password 2) TOTP third party Google authenticator etc or you have to use the app code by logging into your kite app in mobile. The latter is cumbersome. I prefer for third party authenticator.

For the information of readers you can use one mobile and transfer TOTP of your other zerodha accounts/family etc . It is done by scanning the qr code and following the instructions in Google authenticator.
Device lock of the mobile is mandatory they say. But if you remove the device lock (pin, fingerprint etc in mobile) then when you open the kite app it asks to lock the device or skip. You can skip. I have tried it. But I usually have a pin lock in my mobile. So the new rules has not changed my trading except for the fact that multiple accounts are brought into one mobile
which clearly specifies your trading account one below the other.
I hope it is helpful to users.

Authy is one of the best cross platform with sync for 2FA. Easily the best alternative for Google Authenticator as it does not have sync b/w cross platforms.

So App Code and 3rd Part 2FA App based TOTP are not interchangeable? @ShubhS9 (I never tested but thought that those are interchangeable)
Is Zerodha working on solution where user can opt to use both? Like Google, where user can switch 2FA authentication methods between Android Prompts, 2FA Code, Backup Code, SMS based authentication etc?

At least one could be allowed to switch between Kite App Code and TOTP, if user explicitly opt to do this.

If you want to switch b/w APP and TOTP, just disable and enable in settings.

SMS is not feasible on such a large scale, and telco delays etc
Backup code is rather safely replaced by Account login/2FA reset.

Above is my personal opinion, i’m not a staff member.

Thank you for the information.

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You can switch between the two. If TOTP is enabled, App Code will be disabled. If you want to enable App Code, you can disable TOTP from account settings.

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I am trading behalf of my family member who is located in another state.

  1. Is there a way to use Google Authenticator to transfer their TOTP to the Google Authenticator installed in my mobile phone so that both of us can login at different times.

Thank you in advance

you would need an option to scan it to transfer.

do a video call with your cousin and scan and see if it works

oh ok… thank u so much for this option. I will try this and let know about this

thank u so much for the video call option to transfer the TOTP account on Google authenticator app. I will try and let u know the results.

Hi it worked very well. Thanks a lot

Authy also works fine for 2 different accounts, it does not matter if the other person is sitting in the next room or in another state.

Of course, you need the other person’s login credentials.