Kotak says that companies like Zerodha are going to close and is it true that companies like Zerodha make pool account & keep our money in that?


if there is loss of 100 crores… then zerodha will raise brokarage for delivery trades?


On face of it, it looks like a great deal for intraday trader. But you must also be aware that this 1000/- p.a. will not cover their cost of maintaining the traders account and likely cause an operating loss for them. Why are they willing to do it. Purely to grow business, I doubt it.

I suspect they will take the opposite side of the trade (considering 90+% of day traders loose, its automatic win-win for them) and do “mind-control” of day traders with bombardment of daily tips, research reports phone calls etc. The very reason they want only day traders saves them from gap risk when they take opposite side of the trade. This will ultimately create a pool of in house dummies for them to off load their proprietary trades when they need to square off.

I suspect they are trying to improvise the dark pool concept of foreign brokerages to suit Indian regulations. JUST MY VIEW…

If you r experienced day trader, no harm in trying it out and see for yourself.


Hmm. Thank You.

Is there will be any difference for us if Broker take opposite trade when we have a profitable trading strategy ? And can I sure Zerodha is not doing this ?

I am just asking for knowledge.

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No…My view is that in trading it all depends on the trader & the market. The broker may have win-win situation because on wider scale most of the traders lose.


What are you a spokesperson of Kotak? Posting hour by hour updates of the new product. Kudos on the copy pasting done brilliantly!


I am the CEO of kotak securities.
Trying to be active on forums and give some offers to gain customers
After that will withdraw all the offers without anyone’s knowledge on 25th April next year


The problem is these companies do not know how to sell their product.

Kotak’s FIT plan is uber cool and could be a disruptive.

But these aristocrats do not know how to market to the common people in India.

Axis had a similar offer few months back, but they failed to attract clients.

Unless they start being transparent on the Intraday leverage for shares, fno ,and write it in big letters on their site, like rest of the discount brokers do. They are not going to sell this product.

On the other hand, their current high revenue generating clients will shift to this plan , and they will net loose out on revenue with these kind of offers.


Tried laughing but couldn’t. Mother promise, I tried!

Are you taking a dig at someone/something?


Probable reason why their interface have technical glitches during high volatility and when you are making money

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Hey @trader911

Check out this post.


@Nabarun_Chakraborty I assume SEBI bought in a new rule not to give discounts or any rewards for investing (mutual funds) or any financial instruments. May be that was the reason for stopping the challenge. :wink:


its a scam


Cheers Nithin and Zerodha, #NUMEROUNO

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Their interface is bound to have the glitches because @nithin is not upgrading their IT infrastructure to an extent that it can handle that amount of customer with proper load balancing.

They are not certainly trading against customers. Here is an counter theory based on same hypothesis then -

  1. Get 10 people.
  2. Give them 10k each.
  3. Ask them to do any trade.
  4. Make a chromedriver scanner using .net which scans the orderbooks to check orders.
  5. Fire reverse orders of what they do but use 2x capital now.

As 90% of them are bound to lose money. This hypothesis should make you money too. People love conspiracy theories because it is an excuse to cover the loss. One needs to acknowledge the fact that Zerodha will not work in volatility like upcoming budget day! So he needs to prepare ahead for that.

Its an IT problem which needs to be addressed sharp. But it is an expensive problem. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticloadbalancing/latest/userguide/what-is-load-balancing.html


The only person more dangerous than a person who knows nothing is a person who pretends to know everything!


@unofficed what’s the Chrome driver scanner. I see you have mentioned it elsewhere too…is it some sort of virtual scanner/software scanner capable of OCR?


Here you go brother -


@unofficed looks great…thnks