Layouts on tradingview charts, how to save and load?

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I am using tradingview charts on Kite. Every time I open a new chart, I am forced to go apply the layout. The behavior seems to be different on, why is it?

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Let me first explain for the rest how to save and load a layout, and template.

Assume you changed the up candle color to blue from the default green by clicking or make any other layout changes (non-indicator changes) like changing theme, multi chart view, etc.

You will have to save this as a layout as shown below to be able to be used when you close the chart and initiate it again.

When you initiate the charts again, this is how you load the layout. When you load a layout, the scrip which was used when saving also gets loaded. You will have to then change the scrip through the search bar to whatever you want.

Indicators and time frame (1min, 5min, etc) can be saved as a template along with being able to be saved in the layout. You can have only one default template at a time and whenever you initiate a TV chart, it opens up with saved default template. Unlike in ChartIQ charts where templates get autosaved, in TV you have to explicitly click to save. We will soon have autosave on this as well.

For those of you who wan’t to change the default layout (candle color, theme, multi chart layout), loading the layout every time might seem cumbersome. Especially if the layout loads with a certain scrip and then you having to change it. We are speaking to the TV team on this.

Why is the behavior different on

On TV, chart is omnipresent unlike in Kite where charts are initiated when requested. So what happens on TV is that since the layout once opened remains on the platform always, the layout is always saved. We use TV only for the charting component and they currently don’t have the ability to have layouts being saved like templates which opens by default when a chart is initiated. We are speaking to them on this and will update here when they have a fix. Until then, if you use TV charts, you’d have to take the extra step to load a layout whenever you close charts and start again.


@nithin seeing TV popularity worldwide, want to know how many kite users migrated to TV on ur platform.
You can skip the question if u want

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@nithin @shiva While loading saved templates, every-time the left axis pops up even if you have not selected it while saving the template. Its very irksome as it happens everytime and each time you have to again disselect and remove it. Do fix it. I don’t know if you have software testers or not, or the developers who make these coding, spend time and check out the real thing.

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Not yet announced it , just here and who ever figured it out.

Dint got this, appreciate if can drop mail to me with little more explanation, also this is on web or app?

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Like Siva said, we haven’t publicly announced to our clients yet, waiting on the Kite 3 mobile to be out, which has TV charting on it. We will share the numbers once it is out.

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Kite web

Can you put a screenshot of it.

Can’t do of kite right now. I have shared a screenshot of pi though to show the right axis. The said issue is in the web app on the left axis which pops up even if you have deselected it while saving the template. It just clusters the page.

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how can i access saved TV charts drawing and layout on other machine ?

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Are these saved chart layouts browser specific? I mean on the same laptop I’m able to see the chart layouts in Chrome but not in firefox… is this normal?

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They are browser specific. It’s frustrating that Zerodha doesn’t implement cloud save for layouts, it’s just a simple ask which will save traders who have multiple devices hell lot of time but no-one seems to take note and care. @nithin

Yes, it is normal.


Can’t do much about this for now but wondering how many will keep changing systems regularly? also most of the traders are using their mobile to trade.


I use mobile and laptop, every change I make on laptop i have to repeat same on mobile, it would be great to have cloud save feature. All you have to do is save layout file on cloud rather than on users device.


Also I can see that we can save a max of 10 Chart Layouts in TV… What if I’ve 20 charts to track? Once I do tech analysis today and I wish to see the chart after 2 days how can I go about this when only 10 charts can be saved???

On each layout, max 8 stocks can be saved at a time, can use that to save upto 80 stocks.


How to do that? Can you please let me know?

Select the square box as shown below.