Linking Aadhaar to Non Individual or corporate accounts

I have recently received an email from Zerodha asking me to link my Aadhaar. My company has a corporate account with Zerodha. What are the rules regarding linking aadhaar to non individual or corporate accounts?

1.Already there is a Thread for Aadhaar Card related.

2.Administrators have already Answered this Question.

For any non-individual accounts, the authorised signatory’s Aadhaar has to be linked to the trading account.

  • For a corporate, this would be an individual appointed by all the directors by means of a board resolution.

  • In case of partnership firms, this would be a partner appointed by all the partners as the authorised signatory.

  • For HUFs the authorised signatory is considered to be the Karta.

At Zerodha, linking of Aadhaar can be done completely online by visiting and logging in with your Kite login credentials.

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What about Assam? We don’t have Aadhaar issued. Thanks.

To add to my answer, NRIs/OCIs are not required to link their account(s) to an Aadhaar as they aren’t eligible for Aadhaar. The same holds true for residents of Assam.