Liquidbees buying query

1.If i trade only in FNO is it advisable to buy liquidbees and use pledged margin?
2.If yes what is the right time to buy liquidbees
2.And where the amount collected through liquidbees will be invested

Hi Nandha,

You can look at the following answer link for the answers:

Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalents by the exchange, so margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account. Hence no interest will be collected if there is a margin shortfall that may occur, which would have been the case of other securities while pledging


Liquidbees has constant price. Buy anytime.
Interest is given to you as units of liquidbees, which are credited to ur demat when payout happens.

Maintain atleast 20-30% ₹ as cash
So that u have margin for m2m if trading futures

Rest as liquidbees

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