Liquidity in crudeoil

when we look at the snapquote in crudeoil future contract we can easily find 100-200 lots are available for trading.if someone wants to trade higher lots than this using limit orders in multiple orders …how much would be the slippage at specific price and would brokers like zerodha allowing that much of lots say 700-800 assuming that client have sufficient funds in his account.

Crude oil contract is quite liquid, especially since we have large Oil market companies as market participants. So I’d guess slippages is quite minimal.

One single order can have a maximum of 10K barrels and a individual can have a maximum of 480,000 barrels or 5% of the market wide position. Check the latest crude oil circular from MCX, which contains all these information.


my second quetion. will zerodha allowed that much lots for single client

Hey @Karthik why volatility Increase in Crudeoil At 8:00 PM.

I also had the same question…

Today again it’s 8-8:30 PM And Crudeoil is Dancing.

Yes ,I have Short Crude Oil M for intraday,let see what happens…

At what price you shorted?

3745 with a Sl of 3170

So, Right Now, you are in Rs.2 Loss. I am not getting your Stop-loss 3170?

Sorry it’s Sl is 3770

Okay Hold tight.

I am getting bore ,want to exit…

EXIT MAN its Down Rs.10/-

I think 3730 or belowshould be the exit

You Getting Bore That why I said EXIT :joy:

Now I am enjoying Volatility

Dont exit Put your stoploss at 3730.

It’s hitted but trailing Sl will make me get some more points

Everyday When I look at Chart between 8-9 PM This Volatility Increase But I dont Know why?