List of Requirements for Streak platform

After one month of backtesting and paper trading, have started taking live trades after subscribing for annual plan and I am really looking forward to new features which Streak will possibly introduce over the next year.

Nevertheless, as the testing continues, I hope to keep updating the requirements list. It would be good if Streak maintains a repository of user requirements with updates regarding their roadmap. It would also help in knowing where most demand lies. Most of my requirements are platform feature based and not really support for some technical indicators but other Streak users please feel free to add on to the list with any kind of requirements…

So the updated list of requirements from my side would be as follows,
The most important ones are still the same for me marked in bold.

  • LTP based signalling

  • Integration between screener and strategy so that live scanner results are automatically deployed without user intervention required currently. - Till an automatic integration between scanner and strategy is built, Can a quick fix solution of using an existing strategy as a template be provided where just the instruments from scanner results replace the instruments from the strategy used as a template so that user need not configure strategy from scratch. Basically linking the Create strategy action in scanner available at the moment to Copy strategy action already available in strategies section with instruments being replaced. In future hopefully, this process can be completely automated.

  • Ability to view live chart and market depth from scanner results before taking a trade. Again, possibly something on the lines of what Sensibuill provides when placing an order via strategy builder. (Market depth of instruments used in strategy along with order type MKT/LIM, etc…Since there would be a delay in user being alterted abt the scanner result and him/her taking the trade, there is definitely the need to reevaluate the current status before taking the trade and Chart (with saved template/views saved from broker platform) and market depth info, we can reassess the situation before taking the actual trade. Currently though option to take trade from scanner results is available, the lack of above info makes us to go to broker platform and take the trade
  • Ability to run a backtest for specific date especially current date. This will hugely help in analyzing why certain trades went certain way in live/paper trade vs how it would go in backtest i.e perfecting the strategy based on current day’s wrong signals/missed opportunities. I would assume the effort required for this would be minimal but provide a great benefit for those who are trying the platform. I would assume most of the users are beginners who are perfecting their strategies and this would help them.

  • Ability to configure chart option: Signals based on trading view instead of chart IQ used at the moment. Have got used to trading view for too long and now Chart IQ seems too cluttery…the difference in timing of signals is not a minor one but making a big difference.

  • Ability to manually override start condition and initiate the trade just like current ability to stop the auto trade by manually overiding exit condition or the target/stoploss. This is especially important since LTP based signalling is not available and the flexibility will give the user an edge if user is unable to perfect the entry condition but very clear abt exit condition. The reverse is anyway possible where user is clear and able to perfectly define entry condition but not exit condition.

*Since many seem to be enquiring abt exiting at a particular time like 3PM or 3:!5 PM, maybe explicitly provide such configurable option for MIS trades to the user instead of them having to include Nth candle based exit in their strategy.

*Currently on stopping the strategy manually, sometimes profit/loss based on current LTP when the strategy is manually closed is shown and sometimes it is not shown but it has to be checked via order log. Is there a specific condition in which the behavior is defined.

*Some kind of ability to group strategies in paper trading and live trading section. Possibly something like the one Sensibull offers. It helps in determining which kind strategies are profitable or see more success.

-Mention stock name in scanner alerts and possibly other alerts atleast when only one instrument is involved.
-Sorting of scanner results with latest on top apart from current GREEN DOT
-Ability to configure columns in scanner results where indicators used in scanner can be shown
-Export scanner results to excel

*Cumulative Profit/Loss based exit of strategy which has been confirmed that its on roadmap.

@Krishnendu @Streak

@Magnum007 Thanks for sharing a curated list of your desired requirements. We have forwarded the same to the product team.

While many of the features are simple, and just run on client-side(browser/app) and don’t increase compute cost or other complexity, they will simply be added in the new updated, whereas some features are incredibly complex(remember that all the heavy lifting is being done by us on the servers and have incredibly high amounts of computes under the hood, as all results you see are custom calculated for you with over millions of data points being processed at near-realtime to serve the results) to offer, so the team might decide on how to provide it.

This you can already do by using the “Candle Time” indicator and just select the min and hour or even the day of the week to exit on.

This will be updated to account for the assumed exit price(with estimated exit price based on ltp) as sometimes we don’t know which price you closed at when you manually stopped the strategy.

All other points are already conveyed to the team.


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Thank you for forwarding the requirements to the team.

Thats really good to hear…Keeping my fingers crossed that they will be available in short term especially the low hanging fruits :wink:

Ofcourse, I assume LTP based signaling is one of them which would add heavy load to servers and hence not being offered.