Live greeks and option chain

When can we expect from Zerodha to provide live greeks and option chain in trading screen (Pi / Kite) like other brokers. Finds very difficult to trade the options without the live greeks. Thanks


@nithin Please update…!!

@Dharshan Why you need Greeks Calculation ?

Premium is decided by Demand and Supply and IV is calculated from Premium. if you are going to calculate the premium using other parameters what is the use of it ?

@haribabu may be if @darshank knew the Greeks and optimal Options premium at that strike prices in relation to the spot price, he can take decision whether to buy/sell or step aside and watch till the premium is not driven by crowd hysteria.
Mispriced premium is good deal to sell :wink:


You have to monitor iv. unless you have historical IV data you can not compare it. Also IV is different for each stock and also different for each strike. With all these so many variables how an individual manually do these things and decide what to do ?

I agree with your point on IV - It’s so impossible to get IV historical data.

But sometimes when the prices peak or drop, there is a crowd action of supply & demand which matches no Greeks :smile: , so maybe there the optimal premium would be a beneficial piece of information. Practically this would be a tough task to put together (considering so many strike prices) and that’s why Zerodha may not be providing this.

Apps like Call & Put Analyzer also are a limited resource.

By using the Future & Options covered call strategy one can keep the delta neutral and trade basis the volatility and time decay. For this live greeks plays essential role in generating the profits and hence the need :slight_smile:

By the way things are going with respect to revamping of Kite Core API for more than ten months. You can not get Greeks in the platform in the near future. :cry:. You can do something else.

Meanwhile you can try to understand Black shoeles Option premiums calculator. I am yet to understand it.

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We are already working on this, will take some more time.


@siva, @nithin: Can you please provide updates when Live Greeks and Option Chains will be available in Kite and Pi? Do you have any timelines.

If you have any beta running on this, many traders would be available to provide you beta testing help.

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We are working on this, will let you know if we need any beta testers. Can’t give any exact timelines as of now.

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Some time ago somebody asked same query on live option greeks and your answer was the same i.e " we are working on it".
If I asked this question after one year your answer might be same I guess.

Yes, as mentioned before we are still working on this, in next two months you can see this, but I can promise it will be a positive surprise to the users.

Upstox is provinding the live greeks on option with good platform . Zerodha should think to upgrade

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It’s high time Zerodha provide live option Greeks in Kite!! No action, only talks!!

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Likely in another month we will come up something regarding options and it will be much beyond live option greeks.

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It’s more than 3 months now and your 1 month hasn’t finished! Do u live on Mars that your months are longer than ours? Let us know if Zerodha doesn’t have the capability to provide live Greeks!

We are working on various things, soon we will come out with beta version of our options platform.

@siva - Pl include IV rank, IV percentile as well

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even small brokerage houses have OPTION CHAIN in their trading system