Live trade sharing


Target achieved


short hindpetro @417.60


big buying happen in infra tell @400


Bought HUL 1280 CALL AT 27.85
Expecting that it move to 1340


bought escorts fut 705.3 with target 715.8


Hold tight your positions.


short ioc @390.15


BIOCON & FORTIS Giving Good Opportunity.


JETAIRWAYS & INDIGO you can also look for some Opportunities.


South Bank… Bought 5000 at 30.35 and exit at 30.40… Position Rs 310. But actual earning will be only Rs 164 after all taxes :relieved:

Zerodha downgraded their leverage on South Bank from 14 to just 5. :tired_face: If the first order had gone through, would have ended with a cool Rs 2000± profits. Now I need a link where I can check entire leverage list…any help will be appreciated.



Very high risk trade. Your risk to reward ratio was never suitable. Scalping is the worst of all trading strategies. If you are risking a big money, atleast you should have better risk reward ratio.

Scalping for small profit can end up resulting in BIG LOSSES.


Thanks… Will be very useful.


Not true if you know how to set up your chart and have quick finger movements… Yes, the risk is high unless you know your strategy is 99.9% successful after a trial and error experience. Tested both in morning and afternoon… Always end with profits in morning (even small margin is still profits) but ended with losses in afternoons. So, I have stopped afternoon trading for a week now. Let’s see what happens. All the best.


Scalping is the worst strategy. You may end up in big losses. One wrong trade will sweep away all your pastly accumulated small profits in no time.

You will discover it yourself despite all your strategies, charts in place!


What about Suzlon??


More downside awaited. But this is a speculation share, only for trading. It can go up & down but for trading purpose.

If you are an investor then don’t invest in suzlon, prospects are far from bright.


Thank a lot bro


I hope you closed your positions at 707-708.


Bought phillips carbon @925