Live trade sharing


No its will be carry forwarded


i also take trade in escort
and sell @706,


Buy one more lot at low levels.


Added one lot at 694


Very smart trading bro


That’s high risk! You should move on to other stocks where more rewards are possible with less risk.


Thanks alot @Spaceship


Your positions are open or you closed Near 932 ???


Bought for a week. Not done intraday


Please suggest the stocks that are “quite safe”


There are no such things in Stock Market. "Safe"
You never know. This Highly unpredictable, uncertain, Things.


Then why @Spaceship wants me to change… Should i go for CNC?


LOL!! I only said that scalping is far from safe. Its very dangerous. If you think its safer then you can continue doing it & also try to increase your quantity.
You will see for yourself the result soon!
Scalping is another word for Suicide in my view.


So, which mode is safer? I need your guidance as i may suddenly fall in a pit like you said and lost all my profits.


Experience is the best teacher. And when it comes to markets, then it applies even more than anything.

Don’t believe me dude. Whatever I have said is all truth. But unless you experience the bad side of scalping, you will have hard time believing.

In scalping ,you are working very hard for gaining 0.1% movement in price. You are only working for your broker & govt by paying hefty charges. Your contract notes don’t lie. At the end of the day, you are making 50 - 100 rs or say 200 rs. and the govt is making 500- 600 rs out of your profits. (Depending upon your trade size. More the trade size, more you might earn but also pay far more charges in the same ratio.)

This type of hard work is waste of time n energy and not worth the risk you are taking.

Risk reward ratio is far from comfortable in scalping. Yes you may win 70% of trades but 1 wrong trade is all it takes for markets to sweep away all your pastly accumulated small profits.


I firmly agree with @Spaceship . Scalping require skills,timing,technical knowledge and a strong nerve. Most of the time target hit and when it move against, due to large quantities trader freezes. It’s causes erosion of all the profit accumulated. Sl order below support and above resistant sometimes make large slippage .i saying it from experience. I enter market 2014 still alive making so many mistakes and repeating them. Positional trading much safer,day trading need discipline. scalping not for us.


So, what type of trading should I adopt? I need your guide.


Please tell me more about positional trading… How is it different from scalping? Is positional trading not a day trading?


You can’t adopt someone else Trading Stratergy.

It’s you who will make your own stratergy in which you are comfortable and giving you consistent Profit.

Every human being is Diffrent every brain thought process is Diffrent So, it’s you who will decide what is good and what is bad for you.

Profit is Primary Goal to Achive by hook or Crook but not by gambling.


In positional trading comfortable quantity is chosen first then fare bigger sl and tr is given. Sometimes when you feel trade gone wrong you can exit before sl hited.