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This is what I have been doing :smile: so positional is also intraday trading after all. What say @Lets_Invest?


I am never saying anyone to follow or not to follow any particular strategy. All I have been saying rather cautioning you is about dangerous consequences of scalping.

In the long run, a scalper may end up in losses.

I have nothing against with any strategy. Ultimate aim is to make money. But today you are liking scalping & tomorrow your views may change.

I am fully aware of merits n demerits of scalping. I believe that it has far more disadvantages than advantages. Always remember, you are loving markets because you are fascinated by the money you can make through it. You love markets as long as you are able to successfully make some money.

The moment your strategy starts failing & you end up making losses, your love n attraction for markets along with our underlying strategy will fade away in no time!

Millions of new people are attracted towards markets everyday & millions also leave away the markets after having bitter experience.


I know only one thing about Market That is Intraday.

Intraday will never ever make anyone Rich ever in World. But Yes, If you have the key to Intraday you can make Consistent Profit.

Which will not even any Algo Trading will provide you. ( Who writes those Algo codes, It’s human )

From Day 1 till now, I have done only Intraday.
(I have done only one Swing Trading in AIRTEL)

Intraday Traders have to be Quick.

Intraday Traders get bored when they don’t see any movement.

Most of the Intraday Traders don’t have Patience to hold their position.

Intraday Traders get panic even when they see Profits on the screen, they get more panic when they see position going in negative.

The Moment they enter in any Trade it start going against them and the moment they exit the Stock make days high or Days low. ( Epic story of every Intraday Traders )

Investors USE Intraday Traders for their Exit and Entry in any Stock.

Most of The Intraday Traders are Die hard Gambler. Not just Gambler very professional Gambler.

Majority of Brokerage Houses, Exchange, Investment bank are Running their organisation because of these Intraday Traders.

If These Intraday Traders will become Investor These Brokerage Houses, exchange, Investment bank, Profit will start Decreasing.

Have you ever seen Any Intraday Trader on any News channel ???
You will only see Investors who are making fool of Intraday Traders.

I’ll continue this…
For now, Good Night.


short bhart forge @694.50




short tatacommunication @686.10




Graphite@590 EXIT @620
Trading for Someone else :joy:

I was Tracking it from Last 3 days.
and Lookes Like Today Again its gonna Stuck at UPPER Price Band.
( Not Intraday)


exit @692.05:face_with_head_bandage:


Buy BHARTI infratel 1000@388.5


Can anyone say target price?


Is this on CNC or day trade?


Day trade trailing stop hear at 390.5


Wonder why the price dipped still !!


there was selling pressure of about 92 million that day previous candle which causes panic


Can some tell if ACC has any shorting opportunity at these levels?


Any specific Reason to Short ACC ???


I am new to trading… leaning few things… seen ACC increasing for past 2 sessions , just wanted to check if there is any possibility to trade this, as i feel markets may be flat or go down tomorrow .


Moving averages are Giving Buy call.
Delivery % at Present 46.49% Investor wants ACC to go up. This is the primary Indication from Delivery %

If You really wanna short I see resistance at 1800 & above Levels.


Thank you @Lets_Invest , I will keep track of it.