LLP company for proprietary trading desk

Suppose if I start LLP company for proprietary trading desk which the tax rate is flat 30% surcharge of 12% above 10 cores and 4% CESS so do I have to pay the both corporate tax as well as income tax for individual income I’m so confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth::confused:
I would appreciate you answer @nithin

The expenses that you incur for the company which includes remuneration to partners will be deducted before the tax liability is determined for LLP. Therefore, it won’t result in any double taxation. the net effect will be the same. @Quicko can you please help us with more details here?

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Hey @Ankit,

As correctly mentioned by @Meher_Smaran, the salary/remuneration paid to the partners of the LLP will be treated as an expense for the LLP. The same will be deducted from the profits earned by the LLP and tax needs to be paid on the net profits. Moreover, the salary/remuneration you receive from the LLP will be taxed as per your individual slab.

Hope this clarifies.

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