Looks like Kite charts have gotten an update. Can someone tell me everything new?

Looking good but some concerns are here:

  1. there should be some area reserved for horizontal line marking and other drawing on right side of the chart just before y-axis.
  2. Why there are two different areas for time period? one at top of the chart and another one at bottom right of the chart ? they could be adjusted at the top of the chart too and share button can also be adjusted at top. and bottom area can be used to show more screen area for chart.
  3. buy and sell marker with stop loss on chart can be another top feature. in which stop loss can be directly adjustable from the chart.

however they are trying their best to deliver what is expected always from a tech company bcoz zerodha is more tech than a broker.

Best wishes

How can i change candle color I dont see any option where i can change the chart candle color.

Agree with your concerns, i hope zerodha fixes this issues ASAP.

Hi Nithin,

thanks for a wonderful update can you please let us know how can we change the candle color as i am not able to find the option.

Hi Nithin,
I joined zerodha, due to its simple look and style which was very impressive and fast to load. But looking at current makeover, it seems Zerodha team making it little vibrant and heavy too.
Earlier view was very good and with full of required things in charts with no complaints earlier.

Cons in current design:
1.We can not type and search indicators in charts
2. When we scroll graph to left side to check old candlestick chart, it was earlier showing date somewhere in top or right side, but now we have to enable crosshair curser and take it on candle stick to check, which date, we are on the graph
3. Volumn graph is pasted with glue to all charts. Even if I remove and save view without it, it again appears when I navigate graph from one script to other. There is no way to get rid of it.

I could quickly note these many changes. I am afraid now since I am not sure how I will trade with new chart system. Please gimme best luck.



I agree with you Rupesh. Earlier version was so simple and easy. Zerodha always gives us good updates and I really appreciate for their hardwork but this time it seems they made it more complicated. There was no need of separate crosshairs and info button. Looks like there are many unnecessary changes. I started feeling uncomfortable about trading with new update.


It seems that the refresh button is missing…plus the fibo tool does’nt hav options to add custom levels…bringing both of these back would be great


Also I am using iPhone 6 Plus. Earlier version itself was little cumbersome to operate, in comparison to android version, but somehow I took over it.
Now with the latest changes, scrolling up and down is completely restricted. We have to look at unaligned view, in IOS.
Portrait and landscape mode, in IOS, lagi padi hai dost…,
Looking at the changes, it seems there wasn’t any necessity to get a makeover at all. Atleast I am not seeing any good addition of feature, which was really missing since long time and added now.
There was always a change required in terms of good app in IOS. But the new look is quite a overhead to operate and making me uncomfortable to work on Kite on longer time.


There are some issues with this new charting system. You could have restored the old chart settings from the database. For a newbie like me, loosing old settings means starting all over again.

The most serious problem is - Chart Settings (preferences) are not being saved. After login, I have to create the chart by entering each study manually. And changes are not saved even after pressing “Save Preferences”. I tried it with different browsers. This is fraustrating. Unable to close Volume section permanently. I prefer to close Volume, as it frees up the precious screen space.

Before implementing changes, you should test changes through a beta. That’s how changes are implemented in busy websites. To avoid overlaping the bars, you can use transparent background for the title and info box. Allowing users to customize the colors would be great. Or at least provide a good dark theme.

Hope your developers are working on the issues. Please don’t ruin an otherwise almost perfect system!


In the previous version i was able to use horizontal lines as a marking for support and resistance levels…which used to remain in the system whenever I reload the chart…but now those levels can’t be retrieved after marking…saved chart also doesn’t load …

thanks for the update in kite guys , but the scrip name and details looks way too big and it mask the candle on smaller windows ,plus The OHLC CAN BE SHIFTED TO THE RIGHT HAND CORNER ,all the details get clustered in left hand side and it looks confusing on a day trader perspective…try to atleast give a option to move those things wherever the trader want to place . for me the older version is far better and simple …this time our team has over shot the update a bit …hope i guess this is not a final version of the update, with high regards thank u.

yeah very true …the older version was a simpler one ,

seeing all the comments seems like i am not the only one who dint like the new update …seriously i stopped trading today jus becos the new update is nothing but confusion…1 ohlc details is messed up before it was open close in first row and high low on second row , with date and volume next to it ,now ohlc details is messed up…no matter what volume gets to enter the setup on all refresh and fresh login …popout option jus vanished before 10min…SERIOUSLY WHO ASKED A CHANGE IN CHART PATTERNS , WHY CHANGE A SYSTEM WHICH IS ALREADY PERFECT , now we need to adapt to all this unneccesary changs , and its goin to take lot of time …IN SIMPLE WORDS U GUYS MADE A CHROME BROWSER UPDATE TO INTERNET EXPLORER

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Dear Kite Team!

  • All my support and resistance, and studies are GONE!
  • I have to now start all over again on 20 something stocks that I watching/studying!
  • CANNOT refresh screen! (refresh button is gone or at least not easily locatable)

Its like changing the car controls while your users are trying to learn the car!

Request for future changes:

  • please make sure the new system/ UI upgrades import old user settings.
  • and that they “improve” on features, not “change” old features with new buttons/methodology!

I hope the feedback will help improve things for future!


Hi Zerodha Team,
It would be good if old backup is restored and rolled back to old simple and light design.
Today I could not trade for longer time, due to automatic resetting of charts and indicators which I configured and saved as my personal view.
I observed, when I was navigating to different script chart, shockingly saved view also for disappeared which irritated while trading (that too during crucial morning session)

Design and features are two different things, hence we feel features can be added without changing the design, which will also retain user’s comfort with the desige while trading. Please think about it.

Any new thing will have some hiccups.

Need patience. Change is part of life.

Feedback is noted, for this one time can you create views again also refresh button is available on top of menu bar, before popout chart option. If not you can clear web cache for the same to appear.

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These will be sorted soon,if one don’t want to view OHLC box it can removed by clicking on info column which is on menu bar.

You can add all your indicators and save it under views, also about other points you mentioned will be addressed very soon.

Hi Zerodha Team,

Colours for Elder Impulse system are not showing up . Please correct it.