Margin benefits for Hedged position from june 1st

Hi @nithin , Glad to see your tweet that its effective from june 1st.

What about OTM option buying in zerodha ? We have few problems when we migrate to Orbis.Cannot buy BEES or equity and no option to do pledging with liquid funds.

Any possible solution ?

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Ideally the overall OI in the market should go up once this comes into place. Which hopefully means we should be able to remove the restrictions. We have started asking customers who do only option buying (No pledge, no equity trading) to use the Orbis route, that should also help.


The traders who do intraday options writing using leverage can also use orbis route ?

Yes , what about the leverage ?

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Yeah, can do.

I request pls kindly share the pros and cons .
What are the advantages and benefits if we choose the orbis route ? And are there any disadvantages ? If there is no disadvantage then all the traders community will go from this route only !

@Siva @Nithin now that SEBI is going ahead with new margin framework, hopefully Zerodha will bring Basket orders facility by that time plus Option Strategy builder integrated in Kite will be amazing addition as well.


Hi @nithin

Sorry what is orbis?

If you could send a link so I can become aware


Ideally, if I was Ambani’s son, I wouldn’t have to work

(nothing’s going to change basically, at least any time soon).

@nithin @siva
Any clarity on Intraday leverage in FnO (collecting margins from traders)?
Will it remain or is it going to go for sure now?

So it kind of allows zerodha to get around the OTM options OI rule that stipulates the total no. of position allowed per broker/member by rerouting the transactions through Orbis…is my understanding correct?

Similar leverages.

We will but will take sometime.

This is postponed to june 30th.

@siva please provide at least 15x margin in intraday equity MIS orders, most of the brokers are providing it

Open interest restriction is per clearing member. By using Orbis as clearing member/custodian, the open interest gets added under them.

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One can try CO for more leverages, we are providing leverages based on var+elm for eq, this is right measure to do instead coming up with random numbers, if var is less then more leverage will be automatically available.

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Do you have any timeline on when Margin Calculator will get updated based on new margin? @nithin @siva

Implementation is from june 1st so likely from that day.