Margin Penalty Calculation Clarification

Hi Zerodha Team,

Can you please clarify margin penalty calculation for following case -

Spot price stock valuation (as per previous day closing) - INR 1000.

Haircut as per Zerodha - 20% - Therefore margin available INR 800
Haircut as per NSE - 10% - Therefore margin available INR 900

If one takes a f&o position using margin amount of INR 850, in this case as per NSE if there is no penalty then why do Zerodha deduct penalty from client account (assuming NSE has taken screenshot of 850 INR)?


If one uses margin amount of 950 INR, then ideally as per NSE margin penalty should be calculated for 50 INR only then why do calculate margin penalty on 150 INR?

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Is there a way to check if penalties are deposited with the exchange?

Hi @ShubhS9 @siva

Can you please respond on above mentioned questions?