Maximum ticker limit


If I want to subscribe to all Fut with all three expiry dates And All options atleast 10 strike prices for each symbol for one expiry date.

Also index FnO for all possible strike prices and and all three expiry dates

What are my best options?

One more question …

How many scrips can Pi/NEST/Excel handle in one Watchlist ? Can we increase no of watchlists to add whatever scrips we want ?



Best bet for this Kite web and Sensibull option chain opened by the side. 5 watchlist and each can handle 50 scrips each. So you can add all your future contracts onto this.

You can then open multiple tabs of option chain by sensibull if you are tracking different scrips. This is quite nice because you can track all options at one time along with OI and greeks.

You can hover on any option strike to buy directly from the option chain window.


Thanks for prompt response , but I think I messed up with question, actually I want all this data in excel!

Through websockets through kite API?


That would be few thousands of instruments at a time, anyhow for any API related queries you can ask here.


As per @HowUTrade it’s not possible through websocket, but as per kite API documentation there has been talk of three websockets, how is that useful if we can’t connect two or three websocket through kitenet?

Can we subscribe for two different API providers and stream data to same excel?



Why no Replay


Hey, best get in touch with HowUTrade for this. This isn’t a product offering we make, so can’t really comment. Additionally, if you check out the Community Guidelines, you’ll see that this isn’t a support channel. Refrain from posting support queries here. Each product has a dedicated support channel (the forum for Kite Connect, HowUTrade is a 3rd party, so there’s an email ID there, tickertape has a support email, and Zerodha has a Support Portal) that is meant for support. I urge you to make use of them.