Message from CDSL

I just received the below email from CDSL. I haven’t initiated this. Why have I received it? Should I be concerned?

As per the screenshot, your CMID/TMID got updated.

This change has been made by the exchange/depository for mapping clients UCC code across all the Demat accounts held with that PAN Nos.
As per the screenshot your other broker where your CM/TM code is xxx9(which belongs to BSE) has now changed to Mxxxx5(which belongs to NSE), no need to worry about it.

Trading code mapped to Demat account- SEBI through this circular mandated DPs & Exchanges to map trading codes to the Demat accounts on the basis of PAN to detect misuse of client securities. Whenever your Demat account gets mapped to a trading ID you hold with Zerodha or with any other broker, the systems identify it as a change which is why you received this email. The change is only a backend change with respect to the mapping of UCC/CMID/TMID.