Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund

I cannot find Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Direct Plan (G) & Mirae Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) in coin. Any reasons?

@coin.Rohit, If I am not mistaken, Mirae has stopped accepting inflows into this particular fund. You can read more @ http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/mutual-funds-business/flooded-with-cash-mutual-fund-managers-cant-find-enough-ideas-in-an-expensive-market-2276851.html


I think this is because this fund accepts only SIP inflows right now, and SIP’s through COIN are actually individual fund purchases and not a SIP at the fund’s end

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I can see this fund here https://coin.zerodha.com/funds/14055677.00206600/mirae-asset-emerging-bluechip-fund
I was directed to above link via Google search. I think “Search” function in coin platform is broken. Even this fund is not listed at https://coin.zerodha.com/funds.

Could this be happening to other funds too? I mean the fund is available in Coin, but it is not visible in Search or listed anywhere ??


@nithin any comment on this?
I see similar case with https://coin.zerodha.com/funds/14052047.00206600/franklin-india-smaller-companies-fund. This fund is not visible in coin search page. But can be accessed by Google search.

Any updates on mirage… Can we still invest?

Hi Vaibhav,

There are 2 ways in which the AMC accepts the investments. One is Lumpsum and the other is SIP.
The lumpsum consists of 2 fields, first is the ‘ Initial minimum investment amount ‘ and second is ‘ Minimum additional purchase amount ‘.

When you wish to invest via SIP, then you need to register for it via a ECS/NACH mandate form wherein the amount is always debited from your bank account on some specific dates.
Now, we have made a custom SIP where the installment amount is actually the ‘ Minimum additional purchase ‘ which is a part of Lumpsum investment. This is the reason you have the flexibility to modify/pause/delete your SIP and the amount is debited from your trading account.

In the conventional SIP, if you wish to modify the amount then again a new physical request form has to be submitted to the AMC. Also, if at any point of time there is less balance in your bank account on the day the installment amount has to be debited, then the bank will penalize you. But, in our case you will just receive a notification saying that your order has failed due to insufficient balance. Then, you can just open the fund page and place a order again for the same amount after you have transferred the money on any day.

Unfortunately, Mirae Asset has stopped the investment via Lumpsum so we do not show the fund on our platform.


Thank you for explaining

Could not find some well performing MFs under Coin:

Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
Most Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF
and few others…

Why is there only a selected list of funds available? It is a pain if we want to start SIP in such funds via some different route and not via Coin!

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Most Shares NASDAQ 100 ETF

This is an ETF, so you can buy it via Kite. For Mirae check the explanation given by @faisr just 1-2 replies above yours


I see Mirae Asset is accepting SIP directly on their site for Emerging Bluechip but it’s still not available on Coin. Will it be again available on Coin ?

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Answered here

As per this link, you allow AMC SIP - https://support.zerodha.com/category/mutual-funds/coin-app/articles/amc-sip. If you don’t allow AMC SIP, please update or delete this article. Otherwise this will mislead users into believing you offer AMC SIP.

It is allowed for the funds mentioned in the post.

Hello @Bhuvan @faisr
I got error like below while buying this fund.is it because LumpSum is not allowed,but I do see option to buy more on this fund,after which this error comes.

This scheme available only on the Coin mobile app.

DSP US FLEXIBLE EQUITY FUND -Direct Plan gone missing on zerodha coin platform. It is not seen on coin platform now,but before few day it is available. Want to know when it is available on coin . @faisr

@Bhuvan, What is the idea behind allowing it only via the Coin App and not via your website?
Once I buy it via the App, will the holdings be shown on the website? Is there any plan to allow the investment via the website too?

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This is a good question.
One should be able to invest regardless of the platform.

Yep, the holdings will show up on the website as well. These funds will show up on the upcoming new update to Coin.