Multiple SuperTrends backtesting Issue


I was creating and backtesting a very simple strategy for TCS NSE for 15 Minute Candle

Buy when
close higher than supertrend(7,3,0) and
close higher than supertrend(7,2,0)
close higher than open

Exit when
close lower than supertrend(7,3,0) and
close lower than supertrend(7,2,0)

However it showed my wrong trades, please see this trade

However when I saw the chart there is no buy signal, close is clearly low than supertrend(7,2,0) at 10.00 AM

Kindly check and reply ASAP.


Any update on this. I’m waiting so i can decide deploy or not.

Please reply

Hi @Vaibhav_jain_wfh


If you want to check the signals for 29th June, you can start the backtest period from 1st June.


Thanks for the reply.
First, It is an MIS strategy, so I don’t think it is dependent on previous day data.
Second, I give you the screenshot of strategy starting from 29/06/2020 but in actually I created another strategy which was starting from 15/06/2020 and the result was same, it was giving me the FALSE buy signal on 29/06/20 at 10.00 AM using this strategy.

So I’m requesting you to please cross verify the signal of 29/06/20 at 10.00 AM using above strategy.

Thank you.

Indicator smoothing does not depend on MIS or CNC. If you use a 200-period moving average on 30 min candle, a single indicator value cannot be generated from 1 day’s data. In your example, the backtest starts from 29th June, the first trade was generated at 10 AM candle. i.e the 4th 15min candle. The Supertrend parameter you have set is (7,3), so 1 value is generated after considering 7period values. It cannot give proper values after taking in 4 values. it is like asking to calculate a 200-period moving average by taking in 70 period data.

If you are facing issues even after making changes to the start date, you need to write to [email protected].

Today I again tested another strategy and it again give me FALSE trades.

I strongly feel that there is no mean of backtesting if the result are false due to any reason.

I understand that Indicator smoothing takes time but please let me know how I can evaluate the strategy performance because on 15 min candles you cannot take period of more than 3 months and it takes long time in 30 period Moving average of “14 period RSI” Indicator smoothing.

Please help me, Is there anyway I can backtest using 15 min candles with less FALSE trades ?

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You can write to [email protected] mentioning this issue. If you have already done it, you will be receiving the solution soon.

Thanks, I’ll write to [email protected].