My Journey from Loss to Profit

More than one year ago when I started trading I kept on losing money. At one point of time my loss crossed 70K mark, I was thinking of quitting this field but then I accepted zerodha 60 days challenge and my target was just to win the challenge, I was not even thinking about recovering my loss, I not only won the 60 days challenge but I recovered all my loss and I’m in profit of 3796/- it’s very emotional moment for me. Thanks Zerodha 60 days challenge.


Congratulations. And continue to trade the way you traded. All the best for future.


Thanks Sir…

Many congratulations…all the best


Congrats !


Nothing succeeds like success. Keep it up.


Nice going man. Keep it up :+1:

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Proud of you mate.

May I highlight one thing you did very right that might have been at the very core of your success?

You didn’t trade to recover your lost money. You traded to win. And that makes a huge psychological difference.

Continue making more profits and Godspeed


Thanks for motivating me sir, you are absolutely right my target was not to recover my loss, I just want to make my 60 profitable trades and that made me to recover my loss, I just kept control on my greed. After making continuous loss I just wanted to regain my confidence in market that’s why I accepted 60 days challenge and it was really very great and I earned 200-1500 daily some days gone without any profit but there was not a single day when I faced the loss because my target was not to make huge profit it was only not to make loses.


Yeah this should be the main goal of every trader. Including me.

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This alone is one of the driving principle that makes a professional trader. Very nice man very nice.

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Congrats!! You have shown lot of mental strength and determination.


Thank you

kudos…!! 2 yu 4 courage and smartness…!!
precious movement 4 all…


Thanks sir…

Congratulations :smiley:

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Congrats and keep it up.

Trust me anyone can win the 60 day challenge just by Trading safe.Only making 20 RS per day.Its useless if you are not getting a good return on your capital as well.May be in future you can slowly gain to make more profits.

congratulations champ.
Where did you learn to trade? any resources?

I am so happy for your success. It is always beneficial to keep a journal with you. The best thing about journals is that they give extra motivation to you for succeeding in any field of life. You need to keep on working hard and you will become a mature and top trader.