Need help in creating the robust web trading platform for retail people.

Hi @nithin
I want to build the robust web trading platform for retail people ,who want to trade like professionals and I have the great vision to create that platform and want to integrate most of the brokers in India to that platform.
I have some questions regarding that , I hope you help me out .

  1. Is it possible to integrate the brokers to third party trading platform in India?
  2. Are there any regulations and permissions I have to take from SEBI or any institutions for that platform?
  3. Actually I have only vision to create that platform but I don’t have Money to build that . Are Venture Capitalists invest in a company that has only Idea and no resources at all?
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You can provide frontend to any broker, if you want you can also become empaneled vendor. Check this.

Don’t think so any VC will invest with out any thing to show them as this idea is not new and already many players are there. But you can build some screens I believe and present to brokers / VCs etc, I guess if they like it they may invest. Btw you can also write to us at [email protected] where we incubate startups who want to grow capital market ecosystem provided we like the idea.


Thanks for your kind reply. @siva
Any type of membership we need to take from NSE and from SEBI like that of a stockbroker for this?

@nithin can you?

Why don’t you check the link I have given above.

Hey, trading platform is just the front end, the most complex bit of a trading platform is the backend or what is called the execution management system (EMS). EMS comprises of order management and risk management, which talks to the exchanges on one side and the front end.

So the first question you need to ask is if you want to build the front end or the back end (EMS). If you are planning to build the front end, then you need to integrate with a brokers existing backend. To be able to do this, you need to first have a minimum viable product and then go pitch to a broker.

You can use Kite connect APIs to build the trading platform and come back and pitch to us for integration. You don’t need any membership with NSE and BSE for this, you will be plugging on the broker’s membership.

For you to be able to get any funding for this type of idea, you need to have an MVP (minimum viable product). No one will fund just an idea like this unless you have a background in building such a platform in the past.


Thank you for your valuable information.