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Why NEST trading terminal is being stopped by Zerodha?
If they can’t afford it then they should at least start charging customers but why stopped it is illogical as most of the people know that kite can’t handle volatility and there are issues every now and then.
I think most of the high volumes traders would agree. Because of kite stopping / login issues / chart loading issues , many traders have lost . Nest was a good solution to this.
Moreover, I think they have provided NEST for some traders ( maybe some privileged customers)
Cutting costs at the expense of turning the best services (in form of trading platform NEST ) is the worst step. Boosting revenue using these type of tricks is not apt step for your reputation -Zerodha @nithin


It is not able to handle load.

Out of our 2 million clients barely under 100 uses that and now most of them moved to kite, also kite not able to handle volatility is merely a misconception.

Nest won’t cost us a dime.

How stopping nest will boost our revenue??

I have never heard of nest not being able to handle loads… in fact the inverse is true … moreover, you have said merely there are 100 users of nest then why to stop and whats the load? illogical

if its not costing you then u should have left the way it is… even with small 100 users … what is

the problem ? and where is the load ?

looks like most of the users are not professionals or you are hiding data … majority of professional traders use NEST /ODIN and don’t use broker platform. Check the tweet from just siva for reference

Well there are numerous examples … please check on twitter as Zerodha was trending last week on twitter for Kite issues

Mate, I have been using Zerodha for 10 years now... Don't you think I wouldn't have used Kite...I tell you again, Kite is good for Mobile... Nest is best for Desktop/Laptop.

— Options Scalper (@justsiva123) March 24, 2020

Sorry @zerodhaonline @Nithin0dha , I opened my account 8 years back purely for Nest App which you provided. Since You sent an email that you no longer support Nest, I'm moving the fund & Account from you. Gain for Tradesmart and team please suggest good Brokers who support Nest

— Options Scalper (@justsiva123) March 23, 2020


— Mitesh Patel (@Mitesh_Engr) April 2, 2020


— Jegathesan Durairaj (Jegan) (@itjegan) February 20, 2020


This is NEST
Most brokers do provide this additional facility
Any genuine hard core heavy trader prefers to use it to avoid probs on volatile days for execution

— Abhishek Kar (@Abhishekkar_) January 30, 2020

The reason NEST seemed stable is because there are very clients who use it. Like Siva said, we had almost 1million people logging into Kite every day and only couple of hundred to NEST. Since there are so few users, of course it would have less issues and you’d hardly see anyone reporting issues. This is similar with most other brokers who offer their own platform and NEST.

NEST as a platform can’t handle more customers. That is the reason in the first place all brokers built their own platforms. It works okay until around 4000 to 5000 concurrent customers.

As a business, it is extremely tough to support multiple products, especially when you scale. Every new change needs to be built across all the platforms. The more the platforms, higher the risk on every new update. This slows the business down. So we had to take the decision of shutting it down. This has nothing to do with costs, there were just around 100 to 200 users when we pulled the plug two weeks back, and there was no additional cost running it.


This is written on NEST website

Low latency, high performance

NEST is an innovative solution offering “Tools of the Trade” for institutional and retail brokers, proprietary desks and exchanges.
NEST beats the crowd with performance.

you are right … i just read that 90k concurrent logins are possible only in NEST. Thus you definitely need different terminal for such a large client base . Although one suggestion would be to build kite as robust as NEST . Also you can till than allow customers to use NEST

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That is a marketing pitch right? :slight_smile: Like I said NEST works, but can’t scale.

Read where? I don’t think any broker has come anywhere close to 90k concurrent NEST logins ever. Not even close to it.

Like I said earlier, Kite works much much much better than NEST and is a lot more robust if you compare performance (users to issues). Also like I already said, it isn’t possible for us to be offering multiple platforms at same time.

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I agree kite handles traffic much better than NEST … But will you be able to upgrade kite to level of NEST I3 dealer terminal ? automatic order executions , order slicing etc ?

Would really like to know how you would be turning kite into a platform which is almost like NEST I3

for 90k figure refer the image

90k concurrent logins across 200 clients (brokers), not one broker. So, as you’d imagine that is not much at all.


Pi again is not an in house platform, the guys who built it are not supporting it anymore. But since Pi is built using Kite APIs we can afford to keep it on for more time. I suggest you shift to Kite, there are clients who place much larger orders and one large order being executed in smaller trades doesn’t affect performance.


Pi is not inhouse built and uses way too old technology and charting libraries, we don’t get any support on charting library so we can’t do any changes.

We will look into this.

Currently one can do for above.

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Years passed looking into this and many other issues but i am really amazed what and where you are looking at ? It is now a useless matter to discuss Pi or Nest or Kite coz what you will say is heard countless of times without any resolution and your same rheutorics.
What u will offer when Kite has issues at peak hrs ?? Any standby system to save traders? Your Kite update is coming for many many months, yet dont know when it will arrive, What issues it will address, what addons you will offer God knows. I hope it will be Satyug time again at its arrival :joy:
And even more surprised, 100_200 clients Nest is unable to handle and is unstable. Lol. What u all smoke ??

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@nithin Hi Sir! I have a request. It will be groundbreaking if Zerodha can be linked with TradingView.

Just like Zerodha linked Pi and Nest, TradingView as a web platform is improving every time with forward features and technologies.

The built-in pine code for writing indicators and strategies, interaction with an active social community, an extensive knowledge base, direct order placement from the chart, 15 sec/30 sec time frames, Volume Profiles, custom alerts
etc along with an easy and well-looking personalized layout are some of the best features it has.

More people are using the paid version of TradingView in India for charting purposes.

Yes, Kite has integrated the TradingView chart, yet many of the features are lacking.

Talking about myself, I have to constantly open Tradingview tabs and Kite tabs as the missing features(tools, indicators) and my backtested strategies are coded in TradingView.

My wish is to get the best of both worlds — an exceptional research and charting platform, and top-notch order execution across equities in real-time.

Sir, if Pi integration is possible, can we have a future possibility of Zerodha brokerage account integration with TradingView?

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

i guess you are wrong on this … dealer terminal Nest i3 was promoted by zerodha itself … now your are reserving it for privileged group … also i wanted some encouraging answers from you regarding implementation of all Nest I3 features in Kite some how … but alas elite group does exist and have privileges from Zerodha @nithin

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Is it a question or statement? :slight_smile: It almost seems like so many know more about our business than me.

We promoted i3 for a few months many years back and killed it immediately as it didn’t work. Not a single customer has access to i3 or to NEST anymore. If you find someone do let me know. :slight_smile:

Most of the i3 features as we realized is considered as automated trading and isn’t allowed to be offered on retail trading platforms in India. The ones which can, like bracket order, is on Kite already.


One of the reason for our success has been taking over all the tech bits of our business. You can’t grow a business on top of vendor products, especially the trading platform itself which is core to everything we do. Check this post

Imagine one day you wake up with a bug on the trading platform and not able to fix it as you have to rely on someone else who is serving thousands of customers like you and also working in a different time zone. That will be end of business.


I have clearly mentioned dealer terminal … Rest all the best