Nifty 50 tick not updating 02/24

So NSE has no backup lines. WOW!!!

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@siva what will happen to MIS positions if market does not open today?

They do have… its just that the backup also failed
“NSE has multiple telecom links with two service providers to ensure redundancy. We have received communication from both the telecom service providers that there are issues with their links due to which there is an impact on NSE system,” NSE said.

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This only means they never tested the backup line.

Both services providers will be different and both of them failed. Something fishy.

Yes true. There are lot of unknowns that they have to let it out

@ShubhS9 Suppose we are short on a scrip in NSE in intraday and market does not open today. And so we buy the same scrip on BSE, now our shares will be short delivered on NSE but we also bought on BSE, so is it possible that on T+2 our shares will be netted off, or they still would get short delivered ?

What will happen if i sold (Exited) my NSE holding today in BSE after initial Exchange goof up ??? Will i be penalised a penalty ??

You can sell your holdings on any exchange. Not just today, any other day as well. No penalty is levied.

I’ve covered my short on BSE… In NSE I had 600 units and bought the same on BSE… NOw my question is, if NSE doesn’t resume trading, will I have to square of the BSE holding before 3:20 or I leave them as it is? In case they trigger auto square off, they charge a penalty if I’m not wrong… What is your suggestion on that front?

Sometime ago RBI issued notice to HDFC Bank ‘not to issue credit cards’ for their server issues. What about NSE now ?

I sell cipla at 790 using cover order with stop loss at 795. Now my cover order got canceled by exchange as zerodha says. But my position is still on? What to do

Do you have enough cash to buy and hold 600 qty on BSE in CNC ? (I suppose you shorted on NSE and bought on BSE ).

What will happen to my NSE MIS order because of this glitch?

I don’t have enough cash for CNC… I shorted on NSE and bought on BSE…

U r in profit bro. cipla trading at 788.5. however position will be square off or c/f as its not ur fault. tomorrow opening will be square off time

I have a similar problem with shorting DMART on NSE. So I bought the same number of shares (CNC) of DMART on BSE. Hope it prevents a short delivery.

@nithin @ShubhS9 @siva should suggest us for what to do with NSE Short positions

Call Zerodha costumer care to know about what will happen to short positions on NSE.