Not all MFs appearing in CAMS mailback report

Hi, I have invested on 7 Mutual funds from various fund houses in my HDFCSecurities trading account. I use INDMoney app to track my overall financials, and they getch my Mutual fund details from CAMS/Karvy Fintech mailback service. I’ve noticed that in this mailback, I’m seeing only 5 funds. Two funds (one from ICICI and one from Kotak) are not appearing in this report. Any idea why? or any suggestion on how I can get this fixed? I tried calling HDFC support, and all they’re saying is “but sir, you own the units and we can see it in our reports”.

Yes same here issue for my mf portfolio funds
Few are not appearing on the cams report

I saw this happening with Franklin funds a few days ago. This coincided with Franklin’s shift to CAMS, so I assumed that that was the reason. The transactions were back in the CAMS reports generated after a couple of days. The reason and the cure could be similar here: wait for a few days, and try again.

This is a CAMS issue, and for once I am with the HDFC support people! This is all that they can say in this matter.