Now track dividends on Tax P&L and holdings on Console

Now track all dividends declared for stocks in your holdings on the Console Tax P&L page (if you have exited your holdings). This will help you easily reconcile dividends credited to your bank account and also while filing your ITR.

So on holdings page on Console

On Tax P&L page

On downloaded CSV, see all dividends announce for the FY for the stocks you held on the ex-dividend date. Last sheet of the CSV.

Currently, we have all dividends from April 1st 2018, we will include historical in the next few weeks.


Btw if you missed it, here is another really cool new feature on Console

@nithin can we view the dividend details even when we pledge shares for collateral margin ?

Yep, pledged holdings show up on the holdings page. So you can view those dividends as well. Btw dividends on pledged holdings will get credited to your trading ledger and not bank.

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Hi @nithin, @siva,

Can you please bring the portfolio import ( ETMoney,Groww etc… already have this tracking external investments )feature into would be a great addition for console.

Will check on the possibility.

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@siva Hi i was checking reports in Console and there is one column " other credits/Debits" i tried to understand it but didn’t get any details/not available , can you please explain it

Should have tried on our support portal, check this.

Thank you @siva

OMG I was looking for this only… I was thinking i have to check my bank statement & retrieve this data. Thank you guys.

@Quicko Guys I use your services, Do you think any way you can retrieve this data directly from zerodha & fill it up.

Hi @atvt27

Quicko fetches the trading data from Zerodha Tax P&L. Dividend data is required to be entered manually by the user on Quicko as the tax p&l from might not show the complete and accurate information of your dividends received during the financial year.

You can check all your dividend details in your AIS.

Here’s how you can manually enter the dividend details on Quicko.

Hi @nithin @ShubhS9,
Suppose I am holding a stock from past 2 years and in the Console I can see how much dividend I have received from that stock till now. Now, If I sell the stock then it would disappear from my holdings and I won’t be able to see the dividends received but what if I buy the same stock one month later, then would I be able to see the dividends which I got in the past 2 years as well? Or now it will only show dividends which I will get in the future after I have bought the stock again?

Yes, you will continue to see the dividends even after selling the stock. The tax P&L for the financial year when the dividend was credited will also continue to show.

@TheGouda @Tharun_Iyer_M + + maybe we can have a support article on this.

We’ve made changes to How to track the dividends of the stock holdings? to include this.

Did you know? The dividends can be viewed from Console holdings even if the stock is sold and bought back.