NSE Alpha Memebership

Hey nithin , currently i am doing options trading with 10cr daily in my personal demat account, and now I crossed 30cr profit,

Now I want to shift to prop-desk(only for personal used, not interested to hire other trader on commission basis, I am planning to for solo trading)

As I read on NSE website,there is no clear information about alpha membership, I doesn’t want to become broker so no need of giving plenty of exams, as NSE mentioned for alpha membership min education is. 12th,

Can you please guide me about alpha membership,
I want to become only treading members in cash and derivatives, is there any egency who help me in this,as I want to trade solo can I setup colocation in my home ? And please describe details process to become solo alpha member,

Thanks in advance


Hi @Ravi_156

We’ve compiled all the links where this topic was extensively discussed on this forum.

Do check these threads out once and if you will have any doubts after that, please post them here.

How does @nithin get the patience of a sage to answer questions, especially repeat questions? I also notice that different people simply reword the same question in the same thread. Its exhausting.

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I am also in similar situation… Net profit crossed 30 cr. I am looking to explore alpha membership and colocation setup. Nithin provides some good details in those topics. But there are still a lot of technical details missing, and there is 0 article on NSE Or any website explaining the technical details of this setup. Please also let me know, if you find something.

How to find the following details???

  • Do I need to get my algo approved by exchange before running it at location? If yes, how will this work? Do I need to revel my IP? Do I need approval everytime I make some changes to the code?

  • At co-location will NSE provide their own computer to run my algo? Or I can bring my own computer to run my algo?

  • If I do this with Zerodha as a broker, my code will run on one of there server racks. What is the specification of that server rack?

  • What will the NSE API actually look like to execute orders, fetch orders/positions?

  • Other technical details also. There is supposed to be a detailed documentation by NSE about this. Why is this not public information?

@Joe_Chris Dear friends thanks you for replying,

I read all link you have send , I don’t intrested in annual fees, i can pay it, from your above link followings question are not answered

My doubt is, on NSE website there is no separate information about Alpha membership,
They only mentioned, proprietary firm, partnership firm …, so for becoming broker and alpha member above mentioned firm can be in both of them,

Following info I need, For Alpha membership

  1. Education ? Does I have to give any exam( NSE mentioned 12th is enough , not cleared for broker or alpha member)
    2.Document needed ? For trading member
    3.Does I need to register my company as NBFC (as I don’t want to become Broker)
  2. For SEBI registration exam taken ? Or kyc and company doc is enough?
  3. I can appoint clearing member for my companies clearing, other than this does I need team for others ?
    6.how much time taken for entire process

If I want to start process this month, is there any consultancy firm where I can get all info, or I directly go to NSE office,mumbai

And Please Ans only those who are already have Alpha members or Having zerodha company owner named as @nithin

Thank you in advance

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Wondering how much brokerage you are paying per year to consider alpha membership as it comes at some costs and efforts as explained in detail by Nithin in the below thread.

Also check this link for more info on colo.

@siva8 Dear , 10 cr is not max amount, I trade in 3 index and each index has own budget , and already I have invested 37cr in cash, and my average earning 20% in day, I am using 5paisa and Jainam api so your link is about charges per year , I can earn it in a day, so thank you for responding :pray:


@RahulChoudhary thank you dear,

Does you started process for becoming Alpha Membership???
Does you find any knowledgeable person ?,
Does you know any alpha member??

We can start process together, please share me any consultancy firm if you know

@ravi_156 I have not started yet. I did talk about this to someone from Zerodha tech team, but I don’t have complete details.

If we select Zerodha as our backend broker, then they will give us a server on one of their racks at NSE. I think we need to use NSE NEST instead of Kite connect API. OMS will be same as Zerodha’s backend vendor. The person also informed me I need to get my strategy registered with the exchange. Can you message me, I am not getting an option to message you, since my account is new.

I don’t have any consultancy firm, I am also finding one myself. Please do share any information with me also, if you find any.

@siva8 For me, it is not about brokerage. Co-location will provide me faster information, less restrictions like API Limits, order qty limits etc.

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Maybe you should check with greeksoft, they offer CAAS ( Colo as a service).

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As pery knowledge Brokers prop-desk has some disadvantage, they are not providing us NSE server line/connection they only collect our orders and details on their server and send to NSE, so there is no direct connection with NSE, api rate limit also there, basically from brokers end I need atleast 1,500 rate limit for min, and unlimited for day (per day min 30,000 needed), so it’s better to get alpha membership and appoint clearing member

Unpopular opinion here, alpha membership is still riddled with licence raj and policy instability. Kite Connect API does the job upto a certain level.

For unlimited access you could check out Dhan API, I think they have no rate limits. Please double check.

@itsadam I have Worst experience with dhan ,angel one and Alice blue,
I believe in zerodha for geting data in my desktop app, for order exucation I used 5 Paisa (600 order per min) and Jainam (1600 order per min). But they all have daily limit, coz of heavy fund and I am heavy options buyer I need more rate limit per day,

That’s why I am switching to alpha membership , did you have more information about alpha membership???

NSE alpha membership and /or COLO facility ; will also allow to trade in the BSE / BFO ?

No, NSE colo or membership allows only to trade on NSE stocks and derivatives.

@nithin can you please answer me, I want start process this month, and it’s not only curiousity, can you give me step by step path for alpha membership @nithin @nithin

Can check this thread, everything is answered.

I Request you share (if possible) - the way you trade please.

It would of immense benefit to Novice Trading Community.

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  2. Let’s say for the sake of argument that he does make that much. Why would he share any detail ? These things should be kept secret.
  3. If he wants some small payment for sharing his super duper system, then we can guess whats happening.

Common sense is important in this line of work.


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