NSE Commodities and Single Ledger trading (Closed Beta)

We are pleased to announce that we are ready with single ledgers with NSE commodities. We will soon be adding MCX too, in the coming weeks.

We want to beta-test this and are looking for ten people to test it on Kite and provide feedback. If you are an experienced commodities trader and want to test this, please fill out this form.

NSE commodities will be available to all Zerodha users beginning next week.

This will be in a single ledger, which means you will not have to add funds to the equity and commodity segments separately. You simply need to add funds to your Zerodha account.

If you have an existing MCX account, you will not be able to join this beta program now. However, over the next week, we will enable existing users to single ledger too.


@MohammedFaisal When this feature rolls out in general will the commodity segment need to be active to use this single ledger feature?

@MohammedFaisal what about native option chain for kite users? And trade from chart feature we are waiting for such a long period, zerodha knows for technology in past but in present time zerodha is slow in hole industry in term of technology . you can’t give excuse like small kids we have in to do our , we are working , from last year you are testing tradeingview 2 ? How much you need to implement trade from chart if , small broker like dhan can do then why you not implementing? Dhan have small team they don’t charge amc and then also they provide top of the industry technology then what is the benefit of giving Amc and what is the benefit of zerodha big team ?

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@MohammedFaisal NSE Commodities segment will be enabled on 15th April for all users?
And using the single ledger?

@MohammedFaisal is single ledger enabled now?

When is this coming to public? @MohammedFaisal

@MohammedFaisal update would be very appreciated - when is this going live for MCX users?

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@MohammedFaisal any updates on this?

@MohammedFaisal Can you please update about nse commodities and single ledger?

Earlier when we tried to open a commodity account it used to show there would be a charge of Rs 100+GST which would be debited from your commodity account but now it doesn’t show anything like that :slight_smile:
My question is … are there charges to activate the commodity segment now?
@anyone @MohammedFaisal

@Chetan_Nahata it is a one time charge that is collected when we open the commoditt account for the first time. Subsequent activation or deactivation of the segment does not have any charge

I never activated the segment earlier trying for the first time though I’m under 25 if this is what’s causing the difference?
Or the reason is this time it’s with zerodha broking limited instead of zerodha commodities broking limited?

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