Option chain in kite

Option chain feature is provided in Sensibull on chargeable basis. Zerodha being a FO traders platform mostly should provide this without any cost. It’s a very basic feature and most other broker platforms provide it without any additional charges.

Kindly request you to provide the same.

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I believe option chain with out live greeks is free and is not charged.

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Thanks for the info. Makes sense.

@siva @Bhuvan @VenuMadhav @nithin you are not bringing needd feature in kite is option chaain , and if this feature is available we can direct trade from option chain , why you are not consider the option chain in kite - in orders tab unnecessery thing you are bringing , who asked these thing - your revenue are generating by F&O traders only , but nothing help i am not seeing from your side , who ask IPO in order page , we can apply from console itself , w are not using frequently those thing - pleease humble request to bring full option china in kite , all brokere have a option chian in his webpage , why only zerodha dont have

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There is an option chain powered by sensibull right?

In order page?

The Q is why not OPTION CHAIN on kite directly instead of a third party. Integrating directly into kite with trading feature will be of lot more added ease while option trading. Pls consider this asap.


Yes. I’ve faced problems with sensibull option chain.
Sometimes it doesn’t even load :frowning:

I’ve mentioned about this in other posts as well

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@nithin sir , are you understand or not i dont know , in kite you have only broken chain - only you have 5 strike - option sellers are selling far otm only - upto 30 strike price we need , all brokers are included option chian in those web page itself , then whats a problem for zerodha , i am not asking simply , its more easy to trade buy and sell from option chain in kite , IN fyers Mr tejas aceeppt the requirment of his clients , with in one month he included option chain in his web plaftform - lot of client requested but you are not listening - sensibull website option chain is not suitable to trade a quick action , when we click to buy or sell its opening 3 browser in those time option price will go here and there


option chain is an absolute must these days & surprised to see Zerodha is not giving this feature in kite. you should allow users to directly buy/sell from option chain.

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We will check if we can incorporate the Sensibull full option chain page within Kite and give you 1 click order placing experience.


@nithin Thanks sir , finally atlease you consider the option trader pain without option chain in kite , thanks a lot , let hope to see the beautiful option chian in KITE

I wish Zerodha could develope an OPTION CHAIN somewhat like my own tool if possible. Just a roadmap.


You can simply look to develop a feature. When tapped on FUT u can give us a option where u can show 10contracts up and down with simple BUY OR SELL buttons

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@siva only one broker in india is not providing option chain that is zerodha , dont tell we have option chain in kite , that is not option chain , its broken chain , most of the new broker like espresso sharekhan company have option chain in web platform , its really shame for zerodha , lot of people requested option chian in kite itself , but you are not listening , upstok have beautiful option chain , for option trader we need option chain bulletin in web platform for seamless trading in option chain itself , but you are not including . let see how many more days we will stick in zerodha


simple solution i can think of is , create the page no 8 and place the full option chain in there , quite simple UI.

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@nithin what happened if we can expect option chain in kite , lot of your client itself is complaing in social media about there is no option chain in kite, why like this ,

in india broking industry only one broker doesin have option chain its only ZERODHA - why its shame for zerodha
for derivative basic thing is option chain , the basic is not available in kite then what kind of broker you are


Fyers is beating you guys in many areas. Look at their platform once.

I love the pre included stocks. I can click on nifty 50 and see every single stock. I can click on banknifty and see all the stocks and trade them.
I can click banknifty futures and see all atm and otm options and trade them.

This is so intuitive. Having all the major indices and their constituents pre included. And if the user wants, he can simply ignore them and have his own selected tab open with his own stocks added. Just see their platform once because I’m not able to describe it fully.

I’m not shifting there because they have the same glitches today that you used to have 2 years ago. Your glitches are now rare and last seconds while theirs is not so rare and can last an hour or two.
As soon as they get reliable, I will consider moving.

Simplicity and minimalism is fine but simplicity for the sake of itself is not fine. We need those features. Add them.
If you want kite to remain barebones then add a toggle in settings to enable all those extra features. By default it can stay barebones. Experienced traders can enable it.


@emrys11 yes correct , zerodha is not a cup of tea for option trader ,

in zerodha we have many problems , but still i stay here , but now i am facing new problem , there is no point to stay here any more , lot of ETF i cannot pledge here because member wise limit reached the system is rejecting here

already lot of clients have many problem in zerodha , like
1-pledging member wise limit ( securities rejected to pledge )
2-No option chain for option semeeless trader
3- option strike freezed (not allowed to trade )
4- DPC charges 20% + very high , its higher then personal loan
5- cash component 50% accurute to be maintained ( I dont know how its possible )Zerodha is silently taking money from our account
6- Can’t sell pledged shares directly before unpledging.
bay bay bay zerodha from january 2022 fror me
@nithin keep your problem yourself , more then 4 years as a client asking simple thing to provide a option chain in kite to trade semmeless real time , you are not listening , ok no problem . in india only you are a broker , now each and every street have a broker in india , keep your broken chain secret in kite itself

  1. Can’t sell pledged shares directly before unpledging.
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@Jason_Castelino thanks to remember @siva are you noted these 6 points , any comments on that

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