Option Sellers - Average Return?

Hello Sellers,

How much do you make on a month on month basis? I know its not regular each month , I am trying to get a sense of a decent return which people are making. I am writing options with some 25l as capital(pledge+ cash), but the returns seems all over the place as expected. Whats the average return for you for may be 6months/1year with your capital?

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Markets are too volatile these days. It’s becoming increasingly tough to make constant returns


Yeah, i am struggling with the same. If we close on day to day basis, we may come up better i guess.

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@Vivek88 return you have mentioned is for a month or for 6 month

3-4 % per month max

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For a month.

@Vivek_Manohar though I am novice but I think 4-5 % monthly return is good.Right ?

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@ram_V i am earning 4 to 6 % avergae 4.5% - per year -54%

i am earning consistently on 5 years +


Hello Sir,
How was/is your current month trading?
This 5% down, 3% up gaps are really straining me.

Also if you can throw some light on how you select strikes to trade and how you adjust the positions.


@TradeB2B has stated he only does iron condors, he adjusts only iron condors, he is master at iron condors and doesn’t even bother much with tech analysis. It’s always interesting to hear his strategy :slight_smile:


Pretty good. But have to lot of adjustment trade these days. Managing is tough, few days back Banknifty fell more than 2000 pts. You will lose big if you don’t adjust or you have the direction right.

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@maddy_Des all month for me same . this month i got already 5.5% , i am not worrying about market movement , always market will move on is own direction , i am doing only iron condor , i am not lokking any thing else in the market

this 40 days profit is 5.37 lakhs - diverted the profit to mutual fund , and pledged again to trade

i will do the same process month on month , nothing will change in my trading style more then 5 years ,
My trading style will be boring job in the market , most of the people dont like my strategy ,
most people need thrill in the market , i am peacefull trader for me work is less , profit is conservative and consistently


That’s a great return and very inspiring. How do you adjust your iron condors?

Respected Sir,
It will be great if you can reveal the strikes of ICs.


@TradeB2B can you reveal broadly(don’t have to be specific) at what point you start making adjustments. Do you adjust both sides? Do you always reestablish iron condors when you adjust? Do you book profit at 50-70%?


thats superb @TradeB2B…i’m doing short strangles on nifty & generating conservative returns but like to know how you design your iron condors as it may take less margin than what i’m doing.


@TradeB2B would love to know your thoughts and philosophy. I am doing Strangles and Iron condor for a 2-3% monthly return but would love to know how are you designing your Iron Condors.

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What are you talking about :sweat_smile: Making money is the most exciting strategy, no matter what :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can answer the questions I asked in my previous post on this topic, that would be mighty useful. I am sure you can answer some of the questions, without giving your secret sauce :wink:


Yes please give more details.

well, he doesn’t want to share his secret recipe…thats ok …if he does ICs then there’s a lot of material on how to safely manage IC.

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