ORB 15 mins break out or break down..


Hello Sir

I want create algo when Opening Range 15 mins. enter when price breaks low or high…
and my SL will high or low of Opening range.of 15 mins…


By opening range you mean highest point and lowest point created in that 15 mins? Right?


Yes First 15 min candle High and Low
if high breaks low will be SL and target will be in few points
and if low breaks high will be SL and target will be few points
I want this only for Bajaj Finanace scrip as of now…



Hi ,

To create a startegy for upward breakout of 15 min opening range, use the following :

Entry Condition (Buy) :
close crosses above opening range (high, 15 min)

Exit Condition
close crosses below opening range (low, 15 min)

Since streak presently supports long-only or short-only strategies, you can create the sell strategy by interchanging the conditions.