ORB 15 mins break out or break down

Hello Sir

I want create algo when Opening Range 15 mins. enter when price breaks low or high…
and my SL will high or low of Opening range.of 15 mins…

By opening range you mean highest point and lowest point created in that 15 mins? Right?

Yes First 15 min candle High and Low
if high breaks low will be SL and target will be in few points
and if low breaks high will be SL and target will be few points
I want this only for Bajaj Finanace scrip as of now…


Hi ,

To create a startegy for upward breakout of 15 min opening range, use the following :

Entry Condition (Buy) :
close crosses above opening range (high, 15 min)

Exit Condition
close crosses below opening range (low, 15 min)

Since streak presently supports long-only or short-only strategies, you can create the sell strategy by interchanging the conditions.



Yes, its possible through automated trading bots, you can check this link for more information

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Completely automated trading bots are not legal I suppose

This ORB automation tool provided by @KirubaKaran is not completely automated trading BOT i think.Every day user has to provide his input for capital allocation ,risk percent ,target etc and even login to KITE for placing the orders.The automation is only till the point of selecting the stocks based on the strategy and RISK management.

Basically this is how every retail trader are doing automated-semi automated trading.

Whenever Buy/Sell conditions are met, the charts in Amibroker charting tool generates signals like below, and the respective orders has to be placed in the broking account.

But in order to achieve this order execution, I should have

  1. Real time data feed
  2. Amibroker charting platform
  3. A bridge/plug in that can connect charting tool and broker account
  4. Order Management system that executes the trade.
  5. A cloud server

I have to subscribe to Real time data feed from authorized vendor , where the price data feed goes to charting tool - Amibroker, and the trading strategy has to be coded in AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) so that you can create Buy/Sell signals. Then I should purchase a Bridge/Plugin that connects my amibroker and trading terminal. So that these buy and sell orders can be directly pushed to my trading account.

In order to avoid any disconnection issue, I need to host all these services in a cloud server, so that none of the service are interrupted and order execution goes smoothly.

The problem I faced with such flow was mainly due to multiple layers of connection,

  • There will be days where my real time data feed vendor might face connection issue, so I end up missing trades at times.
  • Since Buy/Sell signals are generated from AFL code, at times I try to modify some lines or functions through google help where I end up messing the whole program, as I do not know coding back then.
  • The plugin/bridge provider which connects Amibroker and Trading terminal, goes down many times, so the Buy / Sell order generated by my trading strategy would have not been really passed on to my trading terminal, so I end up missing the trades.
  • Real time data feed costs - Rs.1500 per month, Amibroker costs around Rs.20,000, the bridge/plugin cost Rs.40000 per year, cloud server costed Rs. 20000 per year. So over a yearly period, I end up paying huge money for infrastructure just to execute my trades.

Even though it can be fully automated system, it din’t really help , in fact it required frequent monitoring of cloud server to ensure everything runs smoothly.

So this Trading Bot has been created by focusing on a Order flow system that can eliminate the need of Real time data feed and charting tool Amibroker.

Using the latest tech like API of broker, Telegram messaging app, Amazon cloud server, created my own Automated Trading bot platform based on the opening range breakout rules, where anybody who trades based on breakout strategy, can just input their capital, risk %, target %, the platform would notify the user through Telegram app instantly, user just have to click it to execute. Just with few seconds a day, users would be able to execute trading system flawlessly. No further monitoring needed.


Hope its clear now.

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What if I want to have have a strategy with a range of 9:15 to 12:15 PM and if current price breaks above or below then take the trade with Stop loss as the other side of the Range and vice versa?

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @rahul_sane

Both candle marking feature and math functions are required for this. Currently, this cannot be implemented on the platform. However, we will be releasing Math function along with other updates soon.

sir i want to keep 2 point buffer in orb. how i may place that order?
please share me

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Hi @Raju_Phirke,

Streak does not support Target and Stop loss in points but in percentage. We already have this in our roadmap and it would be released soon.

It is easily codeable on python.

Throw the historical data into pandas dataframe. Check the max point of the columns of high and low to define the pivots :slight_smile:

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But in first 15 Minute Breakout this condition not satisfy if we check the chart


If anyone wants to create a algo platform for running this strategy, then please contact me. I can develop this at reasonable prices.

Hi @Saurabh_Gupta1,

The condition is for the first 15 min ORB. If you are trying to implement ORB in Streak, this is the condition you should use.

If this is not matching your requirement, you can write a mail to [email protected] with the details of your requirement and the team shall help you with this.

Instead of all this just use my plugin, from here, its Free and you don’t have to do anything, just deploy your strategy and keep you browser open, then sit back and watch your screen.

Dear RAJU,
Not possible in strek , high/ low candle breakout with small buffer point.
In streak,break out order is placed after 1 min candle closed…it is too much delay…

sir can you provide me details how to create strategy using 9.45 to 10 candle break our.

i can not figure out right now in streak.

i know abt orb but can not configure 9.45 to 10 candle break out.


You can just use n-th candle, where you can access any candle of the day and make breakouts, etc.
For this 9:45-10am candle you can just use "close crosses above nth candle(15min, 3, high), where the 3rd candle in 9:45-10am candle, and any candle which closes above this candle’s high the trigger will get generated.