Orders executed are not visible in the orders page and funds section is coming blank


As the title says, since today morning Orders executed are not visible in the orders page and funds tab is invisible, equity margins are not updated. @Meher_Smaran Can you please help.


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yes again issue from zerodha

This is pathetic !! Does zerodha know the importance of opening market hours !!???

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What is it doing to resolve these issues ?? Everyday same thing is happening does it even care ? Instead of resolving the issue it is sending me guidelines to read which we signed up when signing up in zerodha that these issues will occur ,how pathetic that is

Not just that, some executions were also getting missed. I had to resend and for a time it was not clear what was happening and whether duplicate order was getting created. 5+mins of hell.

I had 3 orders entry orders. 1 may have gone through initially but only executed after 90 seconds of delay. Rest 2 never happened and i had to send again after lots of delay.

Some errors -

2023-11-06 09:16:04,482 - ERROR - Network Error : KiteExceptions.NetworkException in api place_order. errorCode:504. errorMessage: Order request timed out. Please check the order book and confirm before placing again.

2023-11-06 09:16:07,859 - DEBUG - Response: 504 b’{“status”: “error”, “message”: “Gateway timed out”, “error_type”: “NetworkException”}’

2023-11-06 09:16:23,527 - DEBUG - Response: 504 b’{“status”:“error”,“message”:“Order request timed out. Please check the order book and confirm before placing again.”,“data”:null,“error_type”:“NetworkException”}’

Half an hour is gone and still nothing !! What the hell zerodha ???

Please cooperate, sir. The backoffice is shortstaffed due to the Diwali festival. We will close your ticket as soon as possible.

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My holdings page is also not showing up…

4MBPS line has been affected I suppose…


You realise that I am also a frustrated user of Z? My post was a conundrum.

@Meher_Smaran Can you please honestly just tell estimated time for fix?

Can the situtation get worse? I already cannot see positions in Kite Web. But App is working. If app stops working, i have 0 way of modifying my positions!!

App also has stopped working for me.

why are you guys posting these complaint.they are the saviour of the retail traders.chota Kamat is busy saving all the retail traders while this glitch play out.if you say anything bad about them ,they will remove the post.

Nothing is working ,Can someone tell me an alternative,this is repeatedly happening with zerodha now ,Whats the other broker we should shift with

they are working on a special feature which will nudge you for every single word you say against them.they are here to save you poor retail and they will do everything to save you.one of the Kamat is also going to write a book on the power of nudging.

It’s more than an hour gone ,no resolution,nothing !! This is shameful on zerodhas part ,bringing mutual funds and not able to take care of the app first really what are your priorities ?

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Nudge 2.0

“Trading is not good for health? Are you sure you want to trade today”


Nitin kamath should close zerodha and go on a holiday !! Seriously because he is already on one!!

you can be civil

Lol do u also get commission on the same holiday :joy: gyaan mat pelo idhar agar issues resolve nahi kar sakte toh