Paytm to do a buyback? WHATT?

Just a month ago when i thought things are improving for company operationally

But the board does a move like this…

How can someone buyback when they are not even making money operationally.

That too in 1 year of doing an IPO at price of 2000 +

How can the company justify this strange use of cash ( when they are not even making profits) !
L&T buyback was rejected by sebi as one of its listed finance subsidiary had debt which was not as per rules of for buyback … . Wonder what will regulators say now


Do IPO at 2100

Get royally trashed by 75% in a year

Still in losses

But buyback again

Sell at 2100

Buy back at 600-700

Wah kya scheme hai


I doubt this is a plan to do insider trading. Circulate the buyback news. Offload your shares at higher prices to foolish retailer. Then say that buyback has been rejected by shareholders/regulators


Paytm karo.

So True…

I always thought that buyback is done from surplus cash generated from profits. This cash which Paytm has is operational cash (I think I am no expert). So this is really strange.

Nykaa does a bonus issue on a particular date and now this… Dont they worry about the Brand name before announcing such decision…

This company continues to remain in Nifty Next 50… weightage 0.19%

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Paytm :+1:

Nahi karenge. Amazon pay karenge. Dil khol k cashback deta hai. Paytm to mobile recharge p bhi 2 Rs extra maangta hai.

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That is business. Dil may exist in CSR but not in business activities :heart:

Apne ko kya? Jahan fayda dikhega udhar jayenge. Google pay, Phone pe, Paytm sab use ka k chor dia. Ab 3 saal se Amazon kar rahe hai

Of course, as end users, we will use what benefits us.

I use Paytm, it has benefited me, so I like it :grin:

Try Amazon. You’ll soon realise that Paytm was looting you.

Rs 2 ke liye apno ko shood ke gairon ka haath thaam loge aap. Aise log pehle bi the isliye to itne saal gulami dekhi hai is desh ne.

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I use Amazon but not their payment services.

Then reason why I use Paytm is because they provide with a bank account along with the wallet, Amazon does not have it, so :grin:

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Kisne kaha ki wo apna hai? VSS k paas 23% aur Alibaba k paas 37% hai. Tum hamare dushman ko support karte ho. You Anti National

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I can think of 3 reasons why they might be doing this.

  1. Bumping up the price temporarily so some folks can exit - “Scam the Retailer”
  2. They are doing better than what market is thinking. I heard a lot of hiring and exansion is going on lending business-Possibly very Optimitic and growth numbers are also good on recent presentation. Take this with a pinch of salt - Growth always doesnt mean good in lending they might be compromising on risk, which we will not know until next 2 Years atleast…
  3. They have cash more than the required “budget” and dont see any avenues(they have experimented with almost everything out there and every venture failed for many reasons not totally in control with them) to expand and invest into so they are giving back to shareholders in terms of buyback.

Personally I am more inclined to “3” since doing 1 i.e. market manipulating is not good in long term and share price will reach 197 very quickly if 1 happens becoz they loose any little goodwill it has in the capital markets by retail investors.

Open to opinions

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Amazon has UPI. You can link any bank account with it. Why do you need Paytm bank account

Because my bank account got into trouble, and I was left empty handed, and Paytm helped me in the need of the hour, so Paytm yay :partying_face:

But I have no shares in Paytm :grin:

Always have 2-3 accounts. I have 3 currently. All with psu banks. Pvt banks are only interested in sales so I ditched them


Jack Ma ki communist govt. se kuch khass banti nahi hai kyunki vo RAW ke liye kaam krta hai , Chinese govt. ko is baat ka pata chal gya tha . Isliye usko gayab kar diya tha.

Ye bahut secret information hai , kisi ko batana mat .