Pi software obsolete

Finally zerodha wiped off their hand from Pi.Zerodha claims PI is third partY software but is everyone friendly with kite .Can anyone suggest me some broker who provide decent desktop based software for trading.


Yes I am also missing PI. It has some features that Kite does not/cannot offer. Like we could save chart data into excel. It was excellent for backtesting!


I am a newbie, but I also read in an old post that it has inbuilt Technical Scanner.
And now that’s premium feature of Streak :sweat_smile:


I am unable to open Pi today. ROUTE NOT FOUND. Zerodha has done the damage to Pi users.


If Zerodha is closing Pi then we needs to switch another broker as we can’t build excel based trading/Algo system without Pi.


I miss Pi too. Can see a lot of bids/asks in one screen in Pi, which is not possible in Kite!

pi lovers, aliceblue has the latest “pi”, goes by the name, ANT. No glitches, smooth.

fyersone desktop has also link to excel support.


RIP pi.


very disappointing move by Zerodha. Was using Pi to get live feed into the excel having various advanced formulas. :frowning:

Could anyone please mention other option(s) or broker providing software to get live feed to excel?

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Upstock’s ‘Dartstock’ is the same as PI…

I Think Darkstock too closed …

Thank you Celine … it looks same as Pi…
RIP… Zerodha

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So finally, RIP my fav Pi. Years of hard work of my own proprietary apps connecting Pi and algos for automated trading system is in vein. Disheartened. :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

Go for the Alice blue desktop version . What works with pi will work.


This is not done. I am willing to pay a monthly fee for it. I will have to commit much less money to trading till this issue is resolved

Spoke to someone in Trade Labs in desperation, they suggested Sasonline, it replicates Pi in all sense. There is also Alice Blue, Fyers One links, but haven’t figured out the kinks

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Thanks a lot.
I was about to open an account there in Upstox for the Dartstock and I read your comment😅

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yes Pi software was a great one ,user friendly, we missed everything

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Bro have you done some research for other brokers?? I was thinking about IIFL or Fyers…


Alice blue has same trading platform.name ANT Desk and Nest

Also they area providing free API.

I ma.going to open account with ALICEBLUE.

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So sad, order execution was much better than kite

Not sure why many people feel disappointed. It was informed 3 years before that pi will be discontinued and zerodha provides APIs for data/execution. Is it so hard to port from Excel to those platforms? I personally use nodejs platform for algo execution works smoothly