Please explain STT in simple terms

How is the STT calculated. I know for equity delivery it is 0.1% and intraday it is 0.025%. But on what value is that percentage applied? Is it the Total value of the trade? OR Total value on sell side Or On my profits?

STT is calculated on the total value of the trade.

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@nithin I have noticed that stt doesn’t apply if the total value
Is less than 1000…once it crosses that it gets applied in the multiples of 1 …why is that

That’s because, as per the rules of the Income Tax Act, STT shall always be rounded off to the nearest rupee. Here’s the relevant extract from the Act:


Ah,thanks for clearing a long pending doubt… Cheers

Btw y don’t incorporate this into the brokerage calculator…I realize that a rupee here and there won’t matter much…still this would make the brokerage calculator perfect