Please Help, I need help badly

Please don’t troll. My condition is serious. I’m suffering from Panic & Anxiety attacks and condition is getting worst day by day. I’m afraid I don’t take any bad step.

So here is what happened:

I have account with 5Paisa broker. On 5-August-2020, I accidentally subscribed to their Platinum Yearly Plan which costs INR 5.5k and payment method was Bank Account. Since I did it mistakenly, I immediately canceled the transaction and money didn’t got debited from my bank account. But somehow, Platinum Plan got activated. I immediately canceled it and created support ticket to downgrade my account back to “Basic Plan” (Free one). By afternoon around 3:37 PM 05-August-2020 (same day), the Platinum Plan which I subscribed mistakenly got fully canceled and my account got downgraded back to “Basic Plan” (free).

And after further communication from 5Paisa support, they clearly mentioned in their emails:

Dear Customer.

Warm Greetings from 5paisa.

With reference to your raised concern we would like to inform you that your subscription has been cancelled.

No Amount will be deducted from your account against the subscription service.

Your account is currently under basic plan and will not be updated until you place fresh request.

We hope we have clarified your concern

Dear Customer.

Warm Greetings from 5paisa.

As mentioned in the trail email we would like to mention that no charges will be levied to your account for the subscription plan.

The plan you have opted has already been cancelled.

We hope we have clarified your concern.

On Android app and Web Browser, it’s showing me “Basic Plan” everywhere. However on Trade Station, It’s showing me “My Platinum Plan”, however when I click on it, it shows me “Basic Plan”.

I contacted customer care and told them about this and they told not to worry since you’re downgraded back to “Basic Plan”, your mistakenly subscribed “Platinum Yearly Plan” has been successfully canceled and you were not charged or will be charged and you received email from our end for the same. The trade station might not be updated but on our backend and everywhere, it’s showing you’re on “Basic Plan” free.

However, I’m still scared that due to this technical glitch of Trade Station, they’ll charge me and deduct balance.

I know I’m sounding very weird but just because of this, I’m having the worst panic and anxiety attacks of my life.

My question is: I just want to know what I’ll do if they somehow charge me 5.5k INR for the canceled plan by giving some excuse.

I know this is Zerodha’s forum but I can’t trust any other forum more than this. I’m just 18 years old, I don’t have money to pay. I can’t talk to anybody. Please help me. I’m feeling helpless and losing hope and having bad thoughts in my mind. Please do not troll.

Please drop your suggestions on this.

Thank You.

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As mentioned via email you are not subscribed to premium plan.

If it still worries you. You can close the 5paisa account so that you need not worry about this in future.

Open account with any other Discount Broker.

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Panic and Anxiety attacks won’t lead you anywhere. Think logical, act logical, this will get solved. Trading business is full of uncertainties, so take it as a first hand experience.


Visit your doctor asap.
Such panic attacks are not to be taken lightly.
This has got nothing to do with 5paisa etc.
Its your brains playing games with you.


I know, I’m trying my best to handle myself. It’s lockdown here. Can’t do anything much. Such a helpless situation.

I got 0.05 Units of Liquid Bees in my DEMAT Account. I tried transferring it to my Zerodha account via CDSL Easiest but they denied my transfer request. I created support ticket 20 days ago and still it’s in WORK-IN-PROGRESS. I’ll be closing my 5Paisa account as soon as I release holdings of these liquid bees.

Is there any way to get rid of 0.05 units? Can’t even sell on exchange. Help

0.05 units mean 50 rs right. just let it go.
Also OPDs are open.
If this is real clinical panic disorder then doc help is must.


@SaddenedNewbie after all u subscribed to a plan but did not trade to lose money

Tell ur father the truth and get this 5500 written off considering it as charity

At this age of 18 u must focus on studies and academics. Get placed in good company

U can start investing from 21 and then consider trading & all that entrepreneur dreams with experience and maturity

5Paisa mentioned in email that won’t be charging anything but I’m still scared because of their Trade Station not updated thing.

I raised support ticket regarding this but no response so far. Don’t know what to do. :frowning:

Nothing to worry! They have already confirmed it in writing. Just followup after two days. It may be updated in some places and the rest may be done end of day.

Relax and have a chat with your close friends and open up with them. You can also have a word with your parents on this.
Do you know your .05 units of liquid bees cost 1000*.05 = 50 rs
To transfer to a different dmat account it cost around 15-25 rs

I’m ready to pay even 100 INR for transfer and closure of account but these people are not letting me do that.

First they say, you don’t have holdings in account.
Then they say, you’ve 0.05 units of ETF.
Then they transfer to MF team. MF team closes issue saying it’s ETF not MF issue.
Then they say transfer via CDSL Easiest.
Then they reject my transfer request
Then they ask me to wait.

And repeat.


Send an account closing request, then these units have to be closed and settled, else NSE will come into the scene. You need not clear holdings to close account. Just send them a account closing request.

Sometimes their customer care say: you’ve to transfer holding before submitting account closure form. They ask to transfer via CDSL Easiest. I already mentioned CDSL Easiest problem.

I asked why it’s not possible to do TRANSFER CUM CLOSURE, they start making non sense Excuses.

This givea u panic attack!!
Imagine shorting a stock,which then hits upper ckt and no sellers left🤓
Get a grip man


They just say to retain their client. Just send them a online client closure form and they have to do it.

I’ll do the account closure now.

Just want to know, if they charge me somehow by giving any excuse, can I use those emails as proof and get help from SEBI or other governing body?

Ofcourse you can use them! but be sure to check their account closure form and procedure.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll get CMR copy from Zerodha, attach with account closure form and get everything transferred to Zerodha account now. And close 5Paisa account.

That’s what stock market is all about. You should read carefully in the advertisement whether money will refund or not? Even if they don’t. You can talk to someone admin department and sort out the situation. But i advice you to be careful next time. I’m guessing next time you hit a trade! there won’t be any REFUND :money_mouth_face: :rofl: @maddy_Des wHAT YOU SAY :wink:

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