Pledged scrips in Holdings

Under the new pledge system, our pledged shares reside in our Demat Account.

Is Zerodha, working on a way to make them visible in the Holdings page with some distinction? If yes, then when can we expect the same? If no, then why not?

Would we be able to sell the shares before unpledging and as a result of sell transaction the shares get unpledged automatically?

@nithin Can you please answer?

We are exploring the processes at the depository to allow instant pledge and unpledge but this will take a bit of time. With the new pledge system, we chose to keep the process manual because the API’s provided by the depository weren’t really reliable at our scale. In the current process, it’ll not be possible to support instant pledge and unpledge.

Right now, this isn’t possible.

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Any updates?

@siva Any update here?

No, one can see in console only. Instant unpledging and selling will take some more time.

@siva What if i pledge shares, Do i get instant margin or it takes T+1?

if you place the pledge request before the cut-off time, you’ll receive margin the next day. You can check the process here.

11 months later…
It is high time we get same day within an hour etc for pledge margin if not instant like others.
@Nakul @siva

It’s 2 years since this request was raised. It is still pending. @nithin escalating this to you.