Prakash Gaba/Ashwani Gujral Training - Your Thoughts

I did some background checks on Mr Yogeshwar Vashishtha.

He has never traded in any professional capacity. He makes his income solely from training.

Which means he is just repackaging freely available material.

What qualifications does he have to teach anyone about trading. Why should anyone learn from someone who has no market experience or who have never made money from markets.
and if you ask for proof , they will cry or start abusing you. LOL.

This applies not only to this Yogeshwar Vashishtha. There are many many so called educators, who have never traded real money or are even profitable. Why do people waste money from these quacks and charlatans.

Its time to call them out…


I had attended one session of Mr Yogeshwar Vashishtha was completely useless…pls stay away as he’s just taking the same old gyaan & selling his training programs with exorbitant fees etc. I heard that guys have lost a lot of money too.

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Guys!! You will find 2 types of people in stock mkt. 1# Traders (FII, HNI, Institutions, Retail, etc.) and 2# Service Providers {Analysts, Tips Providers, Tutors, book writers, brokers, exchanges (NSE, BSE, etc.), regulator (SEBI), Govt (tax collector)}

Ashwani Gujral, Sudarshan Sukhani and Prakash Gaba falls under tips provider, analyst, newsletter writer and tutors (conducting costly training classes).

One thing is absolutely clear… Successful traders (profitable) never become Service Providers in Stock Mkt. And Service Providers are not Successful Traders. The above named people are failed traders; that’s why they are service providers. They earn huge money by conducting costly Training Classes, Providing Tis & Newsletter via Subscription. They regularly appear on TV Channels, Online ads and Twitter to promote their business. Their motive is not to make you rich; but to make their business successful. All their tall claims are one side of the coin.

Self Study with Practical Experience is the BEST.


That’s like a corollary… Truth etched in stone. I don’t understand why people even want to follow these so call experts. As its only after practical experience and some losses one becomes wise enough to understand d real lessons that mkt teaches. Repeating those mistakes will not save u even after following these experts.


Across the world people have become LAZY.

This is one of the reason why manufacturing industries have shifted from some countries to the other.

People are shopping for quick rich schemes with no effort. Easy ways to make money with no hard work.

In Stock Markets, When 5 people are finding reasons not to subscribe to such expensive services, there are 20 waiting in line, with cash in hand that are ready to try their luck.

This will continue to exist and this trend is only increasing.

Also , the number of Indians who can pay for such expensive services, without having a second thought is more than anyone can imagine.


Well said…! :clap:

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What do you think, who made most in the days of gold rush, people who found gold or people who sold people tools to find gold. Selling tools is always profitable. However, Not everything is junk in the training area. You just have to know where and from whom to get it.

People look for successful people but I say it is best to learn from losers because then you know 1001 ways not to trade and thus may have fair chance to success. Why would successful people just give their methods, unless they have a very solid reason to do so.

Here you might get some knowledge in the TQA because if people are successful, they will trade more, which means more brokerage… you do the math :yum:

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Do you guys make notes on how each trade went about and what lessons you learnt from it or is it just remembering what went about in general?

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Latest post on this thread was 7 years back.

Check out @GujralAshwani’s Tweet:

He made 2.49 cr on capital of 50 lakhs. I am not saying anything about his seminar, but he is legit trader.

Also his book is good enough to get insights into his trading style. Just keep an open mind.

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That P&L excel sheet from zerodha can be edited.

if you ask him to get it vetted by a reputed CA, he will run away.

He is not fooling anybody.

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Why CA, just check this post -


As this is from zerodha…can’t any staff member or @nithin verify & inform all of us? that would be really useful…

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I think legally they can’t do this.
Even if this is legally possible (which I dont think so), this will be beach of customer trust and it will cause other customers to run away.
may be if government agencies ask for trade verification, they can.

And this is exactly where SEBI should step in.

All SEBI advisory service providers must provide audited P&L statements with certain criteria , not only to SEBI, but clients as well.

Right now all you need to is pass an exam and provide your PAN card. Anyone can do that.

If SEBI does this, i bet there will not be many advisory services left.

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I like @VIPULK’s advice on the trading approach. He is one solid guy we can learn from, if he would only agree to teach.

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You are right. He @VIPULK is a gem. His knowledge & thought process (beliefs) about trading is Spot-on. And I’m 100% sure he will do exceptionally well in coming days, months and years👍

From my experience all indicators are slow in live market.Indicators are useful in analysis of historical data but in live market they give mostly false signals.Believe me or not but I don’t use indicators and trade on naked chart using mere price momentum.

Yes u r right in a sense. Price is d mother of all and sacrosanct. But even it can lag to justify rise or fall in case of any undisclosed information which has not come in public domain yet.
Using indicators as a cross checking mechanism can save from some mishaps or wrong entry / exit. I feel more comfortable in case I want to buy a scrip after seeing it’s bullish crossover of macd or supertrend giving buy signal… Than just to see its price rise… Everyone’s own perspective though. :slight_smile:

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I guess people have different perspective.As long as you are making profits continue doing it.