Prakash Gaba/Ashwani Gujral Training - Your Thoughts

Hi Everyoene,

My twitter keeps getting a lot of tweets on training by Ashwani Gujral, Prakash Gaba and others and I was curious if those programs actually work and are worth the bomb that they cost. Have any of you attended their seminar/training? What do you guys think of these programs?

I have not attended any of their course I think if they were really that good of a trader they wouldn’t bother marketing, selling whatever they are trying to sell.


A good trader making consistency money will never teach his skill to someone for monetary consideration those who do they do it out of respect, love or admiration.


I sincerely feel that thorough reading of zerodha varsity modules and implementing it with discipline, accompanied by following one of the best books “Trading For Living” by Alexander Elder (Awesome Triple Screen Trading Strategy) and obviously the risk and money management is enough to successfully trade / invest in the market… This all is available for no cost!! Thanks to @Nithin @Karthik Rangappa Sir… :grinning:


@newguy But the screenshots of their earnings show that they indeed make money trading right?

@harshendrasingh Hmm…There are free courses for everything on the internet, but then again there are paid content right?

@VIPULK Yes, Varsity is excellent but I’ve had nothing but losses following them but I’m sure the losses would have been mucg higher had I traded without learning the fundamentals that Varsity taught me. But I’m not willing to blame the volatile markets for that. So I’m looking at what more I can learn. I’ll give “Trading For Living” a read.

I used to perform fundamental analysis for various companies and invest in the strong ones and I had tremendous success with that. Even in the short term
The problem is with whatever system I follow for trading I end up in a loss. Now all my earnings through investing are wiped out through trade losses.

If someone thinks the training offered at overpriced rates are not worth it, can you please suggest me some books/free training content/trade strategies that I can try etc.

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sir…are following supertrend strategy which you describe past in this forum. i am interested in supertrend .plz give suggestions regarding this strategy

Hi… Actually this is the problem of 95% traders I guess who have lost money including myself. But what we need to realize is that “Trading system” we use needs to be first thoroughly back tested, then tested in live mkt with very small positions say 2 to 3 shares max to get the feel of its credibility in real environment. Have we all done this… If yes and was successful that time, then problem could be our bad position sizing, risk reward unfavorably placed etc. Most important question is whether you were comfortable, relaxed after getting in the position or were constantly under pressure to get out? Did u make ur entry with so much stringent criteria fulfilment that exit is a cakewalk…??
In zerodha varsity karthik sir has mentioned very well about position sizing and ways to hedge a portfolio. What “trading for living” will add is how we save ourselves from sharks bites and pirhanas of mkt… Give it a read for very relaxed position taking :grinning:


For supertrend to b effective 2 conditions need to b fulfilled…

  1. Trending stock / index… Adx to be greater than 25
  2. Receiving same signal in action time frame as in higher time-frame for eg. If ur action time-frame is 15 mins, go 1 time-frame higher eg 1 hr and see if it’s in buy mode or sell mode depending on the trend line abv or below d candle and when u get the same signal in 15 mins enter after breaking the high of signal candle…
    This alignment of parent - child time-frame concept will be very effective if practiced consistently… All the best :slight_smile:

Awesome!! Dear @VIPULK Can you please explain your below statement for my better understanding?

Thanks in advance.

It literally means make ur entry most difficult…

Plan ur entry as per favourable risk reward and and place it only if it’s not stressing your position sizing. For eg. Say RR is atleast 2, capital utilized is only say x% of total trading capital, u r not fighting with primary trend and many such other restraints which u may want to watch out.

Let potential opportunities go by if it’s not satisfying your set trading parameters .

Don’t take position just becoz u feel like trading and then realized that it’s hurting or there were better opportunities than this.

For eg. Let’s say my trading capital is 1 lakh
I will take trade only for max 10% allocation. So max 10k allocated to any single position taken… some rule of this kind as a restriction.

Now I will use either price action or some of the technical indicators to enter trade or if investing check for fundas of the scrip to judge whether it’s below its fair price or no.

So on each step m weeding out the non compliant ones and keeping only d criteria fulfilling scrips. Finally I see RR and enter in d best selected and hope that trade turns favourable. Keep a decent stop-loss and exit d trade if tgt is hit or if my entry conditions no longer persist…
All this is easy said than done and many a times we compromise with abv rules. Then blame d mkt…
So point is its only we who can make ourselves successful or loser… All d best :+1:


BRAVO!! Very well said. Thank you so much @VIPULK :grinning:

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thank u sir

No need to attend such seminar and training… their main source of income is not from trading… its from seminar…believe me they will only teach us what we already know from diffrent sources…like versity…MACD, RSI, EMA,SMa, adx ETC ETC… its look great in seminar with charts…but in real life trading its not working… u have to learn urself…then only u can success… …


But you said that you learnt most from Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha? How was his course and how is it different from these two guys?

Bro. I follow Mr.Yogeshwar Vashishtha, his all free viedo, i never atteded his paid course…i leart TA from diffrent source …and reading plenty of books and appling it into real market…Money mangement & Risk mangement(Position Sizing) i learnt from Mr.Yogeshwar Vashishtha…


Can you link to his free sources.

Plenty of his free seminar/ Webinars avaiable in Youtube…just search Pathfinders training


“Sir” would be too much of a Respect word… M not that great enough to be conferred with that title :smile: you can surely call me Vipul :+1:
We r peers like @ONLYINTRADAY … :wink:

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One of my friend asked me my opinion about Sharekhans + OTA course and i was shocked to find that it costs close to 1.5L :astonished:

Later i did some googling and found that the whole course is based on Sam Sidens theory about finding support and resistance by following institutional activities.