Pre open market historical data

Hello All,

I am at big confusion on searching PRE-OPEN MARKET HISTORICAL DATA from any server (preferably ZERODHA).

Can anyone help out to locate and download historical PRE-OPEN MARKET HISTORICAL DATA?

I need this data to do “backtesting” on pre-open market strategy?

Thank you in advance.



In pre-open, the first 7 minutes orders are collected. Then they are matched for a min to get equilibrium price for the opening. Collecting this data isn’t really of any help, cause it is just random ticks. I can’t think of anyone who is collecting this.


Pre open is used like fishing. Market manipulators does it

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Thank You Nithin

Sorry to bother you again.
I do agree that the first 7 minutes of action will help the system to decide on equilibrium price.
But still, as I am planning (learning) to trade only at the first hour and also while I was doing “live testing” on this strategy for the last two days and I really got a little hope to decide the direction of the particular stock though NIFTY travels on its way.

As a result of this, I thought it would be better to dive deep on this learning if I could fetch the historical data of pre-open market.

From your reply I understood clearly that no one will maintain/store the data. But still for my satisfaction, I am posting a further query on the same; Will NSE maintain those data on their server and provides us a link, if none of the broker maintain that…?

Seriously, I couldn’t find it.

Hope this time I might get a favourable reply. If not, then really no problem as I have an alternate method to do a live testing on forthcoming days.

Thank you once again for your valuable time.



No even NSE doesn’t maintain any premarket data on their website or share it for money through data vendors.

Thank You for your response, Haribabu.

Many thanks for your prompt response to my request.
God bless you.


You can get it on sharekhan. in their chart settings you can opt for chart to plot historical and live pre open data.

Hello KarthikNarayan,

Really sorry for the delay in reply.

I thought there were no solution further on this, so stopped checking this thread.

Its great to hear!!! at least someone who has this facility on their platform.

OK let me check with my friends account about this.

Thanks a lot for your response and time time.

Have a profitable trading ever.

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I also require NSE preopen market historical data. If anyone knows where to get it, pls let me know. I explored it on internet but didn’t get it.

Pre-open is just a one tick value that gets updated on the terminal at 9:08 AM. And most importantly pre-open value is nothing but the actual open value of the stock.

Take for example: 23-5-18 - In Pre- open - TATA MOTORS was the top gainer in Nifty. check the pre-open price , its 311.10

Now lets look at TATA MOTORS value - the open value is same 311.10


So to download the historical pre-open value , you just have to download the EOD data directly from NSE historical data and use the open value of the stock, which is nothing but the pre-open value.


Hello sir…

did you get the data from server… please send the link if u get

Hello - I am interested to get pre market data from you if it meets my expectation. Can you share more details (samples) so that we can proceed further?

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Have shared the samples Mahesh. Thanks for getting back.

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We have Pre_Open data but only from 11May2018.
You can download it from the below link
To export as csv

In the above link just change the required date in ddMMMyyyy format.
Make sure the date is a valid trading date and not holidays.

To get current day/recent Pre_Open

This data is updated at 0912AM on every trading day morning.
If you open this url today at 0912AM, you will get todays Pre_Open, before 0912AM you will get last days Pre_Open.

Hope this helps.


Hi there - I am looking to buy historic pre open volume (volume traded in nse pre open session) data for all NSE cash scrips for 2017 and before (i could only procure this data for last 1 year, so far) for my analysis. Would appreciate any help/leads on this from senior traders/ experts of this forum.

Have you got yhe premarket history sir?

No not yet. Could not find old data anaywhere.

some of it is there with apna channel youtube

I have pre open screen shots from May 18 to Aug 18 (62 screenshots) of Nifty 50 stocks

If you want let me know

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