Pre open market historical data

hello prasanth, could you please share the screen shots with me.

Hello Mahesh,
Can you please provide me with the historical data of NSE pre open market you currently have?

Hello Prashant,
Can you please provide me with the screenshots of pre open market you currently have?

@siva Can we check live Pre market charts in zerodha and if no , is it possible in zerodha in future

No, to be frank that data is junk and is of no use. Also we get only 1 trade at pre open ie in between 9.07 and 9.08 and the same will be open for all stocks. Only Nifty spot has more ticks but not based on any trades So, I personally believe one can completely ignore all that junk data.

ok thanks for reply

Hello sir,
if you have any historical data of pre-open market then please reply.
i am also searching for same as you mentioned.
Thank you…

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According to me that data is useless, nothing can be derived from that, what all matters is open price derived from pre open.

hello sir i am not asking your opinion. so if you have a data then you can reply. why your wasting your time by suggesting your opinion. thank you

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Dear Prasanth,

Can you please share the available screen shofts of Pre-Market Open to my email address.

Mail ID : [email protected]

Thank you in advance.

Hi Prasanth,

Request you to share whatever pre market data you have at [email protected]



Hi Mahesh, Thanks a ton for this data, was very helpful.

unless someone has manually copied the data you wont get it, exchange doesnt keep it, and imo it has no use

thank u @Mahesh_Srinivasan sir for providing such needful data for analysis… Also, can u give me a link for index (nifty50) historical OHLC data?? … The above link what u given is nifty 50 stocks historical data…I need nifty’s Historical data sir… can u please give me a link??

Hi Mahesh
Please can you send me the historic data to me

Hello, I have recently started learning how to trade and I too see an opportunity in premarket data as yourself. Am curious to know if your strategy worked out, since you started before me and have the advantage of time over me. Eagerly waiting for your response.

Where did you get the data from?

NSE publishes this data on a daily basis after the pre-market session at around 9.10 here Pre-Open Market, Stock Market Watch - NSE India

But I dont think they keep any repository to refer historical. The easy way would be to download this everyday and build up a repository yourself.

One way to use this data is to analyze the top 5 stocks (sorted by final_quantity) and see if these gave a breakout during the day. Rationale is that if someone traded large quantities of a stock during the pre-market session itself, some big boys are having a directional view on that stock at-least for the rest of the day. Please ignore penny stocks (or anything that’s trading below 80-100 Rs) even if they are on the top of the list. I haven’t analyzed it myself, so pls do your due diligence before trading.

I have this data starting 25th Nov 2020. Can send if you want to get started.



Thank you, that was insightful. Will keep that in mind. Yes, I would like to have a look at the data thanks

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