Pre open market historical data


Sir kindly pls share current running month Pre Market Data

Hi Bro, seriously I am also looking for the same details i.e, pre market open data for option chain and I am little confident that the same may work as mentioned in your reply.
Have you got enough data and did you backtest it ? Is it really working of predicting market on first hour of trading ?

Expecting your reply.

Its been a long when you asked this query.
Do you maintain this NSE Pre Market F&O Data Now ? Can you share that data ?

Hey. These data is of Nifty 50 only.
Can you have F&O Pre Market Data ?
If you can share, that would be great.

Please share the data from Nov 2021 to Feb 2022

You were right :wink:

KIndly, send the latest pre market session data if possible.

Can you provide Nifty’s preopen market data??

do you still maintain the repository?

Dear Sir, Sorry to bother you. Request you to drop the pre market data from Nov 2021 onwards, if possible. Thanks & Regards,