Price Alerts for kite App

Is there any way I can create price alerts for stocks in Zerodha Kite Android Application?

Not as of now. Hopefully this feature should be available sometime soon.


Pls pls pls work on price alerts in Kite… Kite has like everything, just for this 1 feature. @nithin


i m also waiting for this feature. this will b a great help for part time traders/investors as u dont need to watch ur stocks every now n thn. right now price alert available with IIFL mobile app. but waiting for kite app to update this feature.


IIFL app is really weird… it gives beep randomly… cant trust it. works great . u don’t even need to download app . just create account in their website link email id & set price alert & u are good to go.


thanks, will try it … really appreciate your reply

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most welcome . u can also try moneycontrol , et portfolio . but those sites don’t give option of index & commodity price alerts & only alerts during market hours . but in u can get alerted even at 2 am in night about global market :grinning:

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thanks for suggesting price alerts on… i have started using it and its working really very well. its a very fast platform for alerts. thanks so much for recommending it. a big setback has now been solved.

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Hope this alert stuff is coming in the update of the Kite…
However, I found an app called investing you can have the alerts

Alerts have to be a part of the charting platform and charts on Kite are powered by ChartIQ. We’ve already forwarded this feature request of alerts to them.
Yes, has customized alerts. Good find.

I want to know how to set up alerts in Kite for various stocks / futures / optionlevels ?

When can we expect this feature? Atleast pls make it available in Kite Web version @nithin @siva

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We are working on this but may take some more time.

Hi @siva, @nithin,

I request you to please add “Market if touch” order type features especially for Futures.

For e.g. if I buy something at X price and place a sell order with type as market if touch for price Y value , the sell order is filled at whatever the price prevails and vice-versa if we shorted a stock.

This feature is currently available in Ninja trader.


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How is this different from the STOP LOSS MARKET orders that is already available ?

Functions on the same logic isn’t it ?

It is entirely different; SL-M is used for stop-loss. While, Market if touch is used for booking profit.

I will give you an example, I had couple of contracts of HDFC FEB which I had bought for intra-day at certain price. To book profit, I had put a sell order at 1816. Unfortunately, only one of my contract was filled at 1816 and the price immediately fell 3.5 pts (you can check 22nd february 1.30pm 5 min candle)

I had to exit remaining contracts manually squaring them off.

Hope this clarifies.

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I think you are not clear on this, you can use stop loss market order type if you want to exit at market if the stock reaches certain price ( Y as in your case), or can use stop loss limit if you want to exit at limit price once market touched the same price Y.

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@siva It doesn’t work in following condition

  • If I already have a long position at 100 and the current price is at 100.5. Now, if I put a sell order with type SL-M at 102 for profit booking, this order is executed immediately as soon as I place this order.
    At times, it even gets rejected by the system.

In this case, only way is to keep a limit order to sell. So, you are worried about partial fill to that order once the target price is reached, but I believe this is a rare phenomena with less quantity, in case if huge quantity is involved then allowing market if touched may lead to big slippage. Said that, anyhow will bounce this order type with our vendor team.