Price difference between 5 mins candle and watchlist price

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Why is there is a difference between the closing price of the 5 min candle @ 3.25 and the price shown in watchlist?Is it because of the reason mentioned in below post?I see there is a difference of 5 points.

(Why is there a difference between last trading price and closing price on NSE? - #2 by nithin)

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Check this

Thanks for replying.As you mentioned in the post the display is set to candlestick only,but still I see the same result.can you also check at your end once?

Ah damn… yeah, this is because as you have correctly pointed out to the link below- because of the weighted average price closing of the last 30 mins.

@nithin Thanks for confirming my understanding.Should there not be a reconciliation process so that both the values shown are uniform thus preventing confusion?

On day charts, we reconcile around midnight. So tomorrow morning the day charts closing will match the marketwatch previous day closing. But not possible for minute chart as exchange declares only daily OHLC.

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Thank you… got it now.

hey @nithin sir, i am facing new problem few days back hence i am collected some pics

now 2 nd example

3 rd example

this might happen when sudden spike or gap up/down
to solve this we need to refresh chart, is this last option ?

my internet speed

worst time internet speed

Which ISP do you use sir

@maddy_Des do you facing same problem ?