Quarterly Fund Ststement

I have actively traded in Month of May 2020 and April 2020. And yet Zerodha has tramsferred my funds back to my Bank account? Why?
Even I have not recieved these funds in my account. I want to transfer it back to Zerodha account in next 3 days from today or Zerodha will penalize me with Quartelry fund settlement charges ( when did it started? does SEBI aware you charge your client for quartely settlement ). Dont try to lie on this topic or I will make mail from Zeodha a viral on social media ( a mail where zerodha asking me to transfer money back to trading account in 3 days or they will charge me for quarterly settlement)

I started trading with Zerodha back in 2012; a great startup back then; so friendly to trade with.
It is becoming a headeach to trade with as days are progressing.

Hey, Can you create ticket here and ping me ticket number, I will get it checked.

I have already created a ticket 20200523231324.
On that ticket I recieved a reply like a robot have replied without reading content of my ticket.

Ok, before getting this checked can you confirm if you are doing intraday trading or you used to carry forward positions?

Also charges here include transfer charges ie payment gateway charges which are 10.62 rs which are charged for net banking. Mail is saying if you transfer back in 3 days we will bear those 10 rs on us and refund.
Check here for more on payment gateway charges.

I did not carryforwarded trades. Carry forwarding never works for me.
I did intraday.
There are no charges for NEFT then why Zerodha asking for settlement charges.
Tell me, how I will deposit back these funds to my zerodha account in 3 days if I will recieve this amount after 3 days?

Ok here is another query. What if I have 5 cr in my trading account which I will. And I am only doing intraday? will you be settling my account in 3 months?
Its not heaeache to transfer 1 lack but it would be hedeach to tranfer 5 cr. Does RTGS even support tramsferring that much money? and then RTGS charges. You see where I am going? Whats the solution

What if I buy one lot of USDINR and carryforward it. Will it solve issue of Quarterly settlement?
BTW quarterly settlement done on 23rd May 2020 must be for Jan to Mar 2020 right? In that case I did not trade with Zerodha in that quarter.

I have still not recieved funds in my account. Why is that always fund settlement done on Friday and long weekends by Zerodha. If I ever get my funds back then it would be like Tuesday on 26th May.

How many times in a quarter Zerodha do Quarterly settlment. I believe you do three times in quarter. How can it be?

There are a bunch of math that needs to be done before ascertaining whether an account has to be settled or not. We run the program everyday and select a few clients that get settled. This is an ongoing process. You would have received an email and an SMS in advance stating that the quarterly settlement is due in the upcoming days.

We don’t ask for any charges, we state that if you transfer the funds back within 3 days via the payment gateway (which costs 9+GST), such charges will be refunded.

The Quarterly settlement isn’t our initiative, it’s a rule by the SEBI that every broker has to follow. If you’re being told by some broker that there’s a certain way to circumvent this rule, I’d advise you to remain cautious.

No, that’s now how it works. As I said earlier, there are a bunch of rules that are fed into the system (rules prescribed by SEBI), if you account falls due for settlement, funds will get transferred back.

If’s a continous process, this time the payout may have happened on Friday, next time it could get done on any other day of the week.

Payouts are done once every 78-85 days.

The idea isn’t to figure a way to avoid quarterly settlement. I can understand the grievance it causes to an intraday trader when the funds are there, almost like an opportunity loss, but do understand that this regulation was brought about by SEBI to ensure broker’s don’t misuse client funds.

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Q.Sett happened twice in 10 days and this time without any intimation.
Also, I do not see the credit into my bank account for me to transfer it back to Z.

I usually place AMO trades and this Q.sett is so painfully useless.

Can you please give me some sort of a bank transaction proof, as I need to query the bank and have them reflect it and so I can either fund Zerodha account or know that it is safe.

Also, certain EMI are due and that amount was also left in trading account and today being the date on which I need to pay my emi, I realise that my Z account is zero.

This creates restlessness because nobody cares in the name of guidelines.

Hey @Joe_Chris, you can reply to the ticket created so that our team can provide you with the reference number.

There is a change in the way running account/quarterly settlement is done. Please check this post for more details: New Running Account Settlement Rule - Single day for clients of all stockbrokers in India