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I have been a member of this vibrant community from last few months and seeing incredible contribution from many of the fellow members. :slight_smile:

Here’s one initiative from my end : Quarterly Results Analysis :face_with_monocle:

We all will try to curate the best insights and information relevant to the quarterly result season in this thread.

Tagging all the active participants to participate in this initiative @MarginCaller @Value_investor @t7support @Tara @Prakashsingh @Jason_Castelino @jashjacob and others and share their inputs during the results season.


Results this week :

Date Company
11th Jan Delta Corp
12th Jan Federal Bank, Infy ,TCS , Wipro
13th Jan CESC, Mindtree, Tata Metaliks
14th Jan HCL Tech
15th Jan HDFC Bank
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Superb idea @marketghalib …I will try to find interesting results from small n midcaps and post it here


Hope Results goes well

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Date : 11th Jan

Delta Corp

Revenue : 252 Crore V/s 129 Crore (Year on Year)

Profit : 70 Crore V/s 1.3 Crore (Year on Year)

EPS : 2.64 Rs per Share

Result Summary : Extremely good set of numbers as expected by the company (backed by the pent up demand in the peak tourist season). Upcoming quarter can be muted due to the ongoing covid wave and partial restrictions.

Interesting Updates : Board has appointed advisors, bankers and other intermediaries to potentially chalk out a plan to list the online gaming business to unlock value for shareholders.

Expectation (w.r.t Price movement) : Indecisive


Date : 12th Jan

Result Preview - TCS, Infy, Wipro

1. TCS


3. Wipro


WIPRO ~ Press Conference Scheduled @ 4:00 PM

INFOSYS ~ Press Conference Scheduled @ 5:00 PM

TCS ~ Press Conference Scheduled @ 7:00 PM

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IT day today. Index trend decider. One thing to note though is …Nifty IT has had a massive run up in anticipation of good results. I expect levels of 40000 in the best case scenario. Any minor disappointment can lead to a swift correction. Considering Risk reward , I will be very careful trying to long IT stocks now.

Infact I’m cautious on market itself at these levels.


@marketghalib Great initiative. I must confess am not much of a fundamental analyst. May be we should tag @neha1101 as well here.

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@marketghalib Thanks for this thread.

Fingers crossed for this entire week TBH :crossed_fingers:

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Buyback at 4,500 per share and dividend of 7 per share. As the price per share is mentioned this would be a tender buyback.

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Initial Takeaways :

Performance Metrics TCS Infy Wipro
Revenue 48885 Crores 31867 Crores 20432.3
Net Profit 9769 Crores 5809 Crores 2972 Crores
Margins 25% 23.5% 17.6%
Revenue Growth 3% 7% 3.4%
Attrition 15.3% 25.5% 22.7%

Company Specific Highlights :


  • TCS Calendar Year 2021 revenue hits the $25 Bn mark
  • Low Attrition rate of 15% and great employee retention.
  • 18000 Crore Buy back at 4500/ share


  • Revenue guidance for FY22 revised upwards to 19.5%-20%
  • Higher Attrition of 25% is a cause of concern
  • Higher revenue growth compared to TCS ,Wipro


  • Strong Management Commentary
  • Revenue and Profit were slightly below what analysts expected

Date : 13th January


  • Net Profit : 438 Crore (Up 34% YoY)

  • Revenue : 2820 Crore (Up 35% Yoy)

  • Solid deal wins

Comments : Overall great result and results can be considered as inline with the expectations. Given the valuations, the reaction needs to be seen (neutral to slight negative very likely scenario given the response to other IT stocks)

Tata Metaliks

  • Net Profit at Rs 35.65 Cr (Down 53 % YoY), Down 35 % (QoQ)

  • Revenue at Rs 689 cr (Up 31 % YoY), Up 7 % (QoQ)

  • Margins at 9.83 % V 24.12 % (YoY), 15.5 % (QoQ)

Comments : Overall results seem sluggish as Raw material price rise impact was seen in the margin compression. Stock was up 6% from last 5 days. Need to hear from management on the quarter ahead.

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Summary : The stock has been a laggard of late and with the above results which are decent may show minor upside in the short run ( Overall view is neutral to positive as market might await ICICI bank’s result before deciding a sustainable move )

HCL Tech

Summary : Looks like a mixed set of results with revenue and constant currency growth above estimates and margins below estimates. Stock price may follow in line with IT sector.

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One observation that I can make from results of heavyweights like TCD,Infy,wipro,hcl tech and HDFC bank is that market is not reacting heavily on the results (both on the up and downside). It as if as market has factored in the results in most of the companies and therefore, is looking for fresh triggers for a drastic move.

Till then, it seems we will have ping pong in markets.


Jan 17th

Ultratech Cement

  • Net Profit up 30% Qoq and 7.92% YoY

  • Operating Profit was down 10.88% QoQ and 22% YoY

Summary : Company’s operating performance was poor and the bottomline was aided by tax credit. Volume degrowth and margin contraction was also seen in the last quarter. Mgmt commentary was optimistic. Optically the result may look good but overall it was poor. Stock price movement can be rangebound btwn 7000-8200

Angel Broking

Cons Net Profit Up 125 % at Rs 164 cr Yoy , Up 23 % qoq

Revenue Up 95 % at Rs 597 cr yoy ,Up 13 % qoq

Ebitda Up 121 % at Rs 234 cr yoy,Up 23 % qoq

Margins at 39 % V 34.5 % yoy , 36.22 % qoq

Summary : Great set of numbers. With LIC, NSE IPO coming up im personally expecting the stock to be mostly in positive territory.

Standard disclaimer (all posts) : No personal investment in any picks mentioned.


Today’s main result


18th Jan

Bajaj Finance

  • Net Profit up by 85% to 2125 Crore YoY

  • Assets Under Management grew up by 26% yoy to 1.81 Trillion

  • Asset quality improves as well.

Summary : Basically a bumper result on all fronts. Should definitely be a booster to the whole financial sector as well. If at all there is a results based volatility, this stocks definitely presents a buy on dip opportunity.

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19th Jan

Bajaj Auto

Summary : Although it was a challenging quarter for the company, it has exceeded the analyst expectations a bit. As auto sector is looking technically strong. It may follow the trend of the sector.

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20th Jan


Summary : Raw material cost rise is going to most likely impact the demand going forward keeping the growth figures in check. Limited upside considering the fact that FMCG pack is usually High PE.

Asian Paints

Summary : Margins have contracted and the demand outlook for the Jan was also weak as raw material price hike is more than 20% as per company’s concall. again limited upside potential.

Bajaj FInserve

Summary : Overall below estimate numbers due to the impact of slow auto sales, insurance business getting affected due to unseasonal rains.

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Reliance Announces its results today