Quitting share market

Friends in my past one year I played only in equity…from a novice i put reasonable efforts to understand some technical and fundamental jargons. Though never have
F & 0 enabled i learnt option mathematics purely on interest basis.

Long story short, after sincere one year trial with portfolio within 2 lacs i realized i am not good in execution nor suitable both as trader and investor

With recent crash i booked some loss and decided to quit in a month now. Waiting to collect some dividends and with that i aim to walk freely from september

But my paper trading and learning type interactions will continue in this forum.

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Even for me, its not profitable as I am into trading for the past 4+ years and even I am thinking of quitting. The time and effort put (as well as mental stress) into fno trading is not yielding me good results. Instead its better to concentrate on some other field.

Especially the month of July 2019 was horrible for me.

@Raz dont mistake me the sooner u decide to quit the better. No tech no fundamental is respected by many stocks. Pure gambling.

I will continue my academic study only.

I found your massage interesting .Wanted to know your stock portfolio.As this is social forum you might not want to discuss.I am not marketing anything to you.So you can be free from it.Just wanted to see any mistake was done and can it be rectified.You can mail to my email id with contact details .I can call you if you don’t mind.It’s just a discussion only.

@subhu there was no deliberate mistake arising out of greed…the only mistake u can call is i did not buy hdfc twins :slight_smile:

I invested in a blend of domains from auto to finance to IT.

No use in drilling bcos i lost faith in our indian economical policies and env

I already started liquidating my holdings

It’s your wish what to do with your holdings.It’s just i felt somebody is in trouble ,can I help in finding solution that’s it.
Not every body can invest in hdfc twins with such high value.I know crying over past is of no use.At the same time , doing something in haste is also good.

my dear friends i am in trading more than 5 +years i am in good profitable you people need education, any kind of business will not catch immediately , business is an art , you want to learn first



Stock market is not simply a game, it is beyond human emotions. Try to understand the markets behavior
Investment is a suitable thing to do if you are not aware of the features of the product . There is a risk involved in it , but that doesnt mean we cannot make money .

you should only quit if you lost the interest to learn.

I also think , Learning is Good in stock Market .

Mutual Funds are suitable for you. Go for reputed ones.

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I know ppl who are in loss and tradin past 8+ years ,hope of one day being profitable is always in traders heart,July was deep loss for many

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You shouldn’t give up that easy, everyone have it’s up and downs anyway and it’s one of the toughest parts of business to be. If it will be so easy then everyone simply will be doing it anyway. No matter how you put it. So you lost all 2 lacs ?

@OcaewenGF no not all 2 lacs. So far booked 28k loss and another 33k unrealized

Worst case Rs 50k in total would have to be booked

@Vinay_S dont you see that the 8+ years loss trader is stuck as a pure gambler?

His brain is addicted by andrenaine rush.

He has simply ruined his life without even knowing it

Waking up early and do some job is better than this.

@mns2611 better to lose ourselves rather than another guy play and lose for us

Recent DHFL default has affected many fund houses from UTI to DSP.

I dont think debt funds or arbitrage fund etc has a reasonable promise even compared to equity funds promise

Anycase i accept my knowledge in MF space is zero

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Take a break from active trading/investment if it’s not working for you.

Keep learning, watching. I did that for solid 3 years and learned a lot in the process.

Come back again when you feel confident.


Lynch’s thoughts on losses in the stock market are still relevant today:

Now no one seems to know when they are gonna happen. At least if they know about ‘ em , they’re not telling anybody about ‘ em . I don’t remember anybody predicting the market right more than once, and they predict a lot. So they’re gonna happen. If you’re in the market, you have to know there’s going to be declines. And they’re going to cap and every couple of years you’re going to get a 10 percent correction. That’s a euphemism for losing a lot of money rapidly. That’s what a “correction” is called. And a bear market is 20-25-30 percent decline.

They’re gonna happen. When they’re gonna start, no one knows. If you’re not ready for that, you shouldn’t be in the stock market. I mean the stomach is the key organ here. It’s not the brain. Do you have the stomach for these kind s of declines? And what’s your timing like? Is your horizon one year? Is your horizon ten years or 20 years?

What the market’s going to do in one or two years, you don’t know. Time is on your side in the stock market.

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There’s no room to be emotional

“Some people should not own stocks at all because they just get too upset with price fluctuations. If you’re gonna do dumb things because your stock goes down, you shouldn’t own a stock at all,” said Buffett told “Squawk Box” in February 2018.

By comparison, “If you buy your house at $20,000 and somebody comes along the next day and says, ’I’ll pay you $15,000, you don’t sell it because the quote’s [$15,000],” added. “Some people are not actually emotionally or psychologically fit to own stocks, but I think that more of them would be,” Buffett said, if they were more educated on what they were really buying, which is part of a business.

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Well, if someone wants to quit, let’s not try to force them not to do so. Trading is not meant for everyone. Some people realize that early and quit when the losses are manageable whereas many others never learn and continue to book huge losses over a period of time with the “hope” of breaking even some day. This “hope” is a dangerous thing in stock market, not “the best of things” like that movie dialogue.

I appreciate the honesty of the OP and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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